Real-time update on coronavirus outbreak

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/22 21:15:00 Last Updated: 2020/3/13 19:12:12

7:11 pm Mar 13

Iran reported 1,289 COVID-19 cases, raising the total to 11,364

3:27 pm Mar 13

Singapore to ban entry of foreign travelers from Italy, France, Spain, and Germany starting from Sunday with additional quarantine measures in place COVID-19

3:10 pm Mar 13

Minister for Home Affairs of Australia Peter Dutton_ said he was tested positive for COVID-19

12:02 pm Mar 13

Disney announced on Friday that it will close its theme parks in Florida and Paris on March 15. All of the world's six Disneylands will then have been closed due to the #COVID19 pandemic.

10:55 am Mar 13

8 new coronavirus infections, 7 new deaths were reported on Mar 12 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,813, with 3,176 deaths.

Hubei Province reported 5 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 12, with 6 new deaths and 1,255 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,786, with 51,553, recovered and 3,062 dead.

10:40 am Mar 13

A 22-month-old baby and a 10-year-old child infected with #COVID19 were discharged from a Shanghai hospital on Friday morning. Shanghai now has no #COVID19 patients who are children.

10:39 am Mar 13

The first COVID-19 case at the UN headquarters, a member of the Philippines Permanent Mission to the UN, was reported on March 12: CCTV citing a UN source

10:31 am Mar 13

Amid worsening epidemic situation in the US, the Office of the #US #Trade Representative said it excluded some Chinese medical products from #tariffs on Thursday, including #facemasks, stethoscope covers and blood pressure cuffs.

10:13 am Mar 13

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has tested positive for COVID-19: reports

9:46 am Mar 13

South Korea reported 110 new COVID-19 infections on Thursday, bringing its total to 7,979. 123 countries and regions have implemented restrictions on arrivals from the country: reports

9:43 am Mar 13

Coronavirus can survive 3 hours in aerosols, 4 hours on copper, 24 hours on paper material, and up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel: report

9:39 am Mar 13

Beijing reported one confirmed #imported #COVID19 case from the #UK and nine new suspected cases Thursday. Among the suspected cases, eight are imported, while one is a local case.

8:00 am Mar 13

Shanghai reported two new imported #COVID19 cases Thursday. One from the #US and the other from #Italy.

7:22 am Mar 13

Ghana confirms first two cases of COVID-19

6:20 am Mar 12

To help Italy curb the COVID-19 spread, the Chinese government has decided to send a medical team to Italy, jointly set up by the national health commission and the Red Cross Society of China. The team has departed on Thursday: Chinese FM

5:08 pm Mar 12

"I would expect that COVID-19 to wind down gradually in June": Zhong Nanshan, Chinese top epidemiologist

5:05 pm Mar 12

The mortality rate of COVID-19 outside China is now about 3.2%, and the afflicted countries face a similar situation as Wuhan encountered during early stages of the outbreak: Zhong Nanshan

4:57 pm Mar 12

A majority of the imported infections are asymptomatic, showing minor symptoms of a normal cold, said Zhong Nanshan, adding that as other countries are not paying enough attention to the disease, China needs to strengthen monitoring of imported cases. 

4:52 pm Mar 12

China is willing to work with the global community in fighting this battle and score the final victory while pushing forward the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind: Chinese FM

4:17 pm Mar 12

The Chinese government will continue to support its businesses to export medical supplies such as face masks and make due contributions to the global pandemic prevention: commerce ministry 

4:11 pm Mar 12

Chinese FM urged some US officials to focus on COVID-19 epidemic response and to promote cooperation, instead of blaming China and denigrating China’s efforts, after White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien said China's virus response likely cost the world two months.

3:56 pm Mar 12

China has recorded 85 imported COVID-19 cases so far and is closely monitoring the rapid spread of the virus globally: National Health Commission

3:39 pm Mar 12

A total of 2,009 people have been arrested in China as of Wed for alleged involvement in coronavirus-related crimes, including 8 accused of rumormongering: authorities

3:24 pm Mar 12

Breaking News: The peak period of COVID-19 attack in China has passed: National Health Commission

2:27 pm Mar 12

Chinese astronomer Han Tianqi, 98, and his wife, 85, both COVID-19 patients, have recovered & will be discharged from hospital. Han is the oldest patient, Zhejiang medical staff have treated in Wuhan. His family sought help for recovered patients' plasma to save Han

2:12 pm Mar 12

Alert! The COVID-19 infection may cause testicular damage and male infertility. Chinese experts advised infected male patients to take tests to check semen quality and hormonal levels.

2:04 pm Mar 12

A China Eastern Airlines' A350 departed for Rome, Italy from Shanghai, bringing 9 Chinese medical experts and 31 tons of medical supplies, including plasma of recovered coronavirus patients, to help Italy fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

1:42 pm Mar 12

The Novel Coronavirus could be transmitted through a shower machine or the sewer pipeline, and the incubation period may average 4 days: top Chinese respiratory specialist Zhong Nanshan

11:08 am Mar 12

Up to 150 million people in the US, nearly half its population, are expected to contract the COVID-19, US media reported Wed. There are now more than 1,000 confirmed cases with 37 deaths in the US.

10:44 am Mar 12

With 6 new cases reported on Mar 11, the total imported COVID-19 cases from overseas in the Chinese mainland reached 85:
 —46 from Iran 

—27 from Italy 

—5 from Spain 

—2 from UK 

—1 from US 

—1 from France 

—1 unconfirmed

—2 not revealed

10:33 am Mar 12

Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz has preliminarily tested positive for the coronavirus. He jokingly rubbed his hands over microphones at the end of a news conference two days ago.

10:24 am Mar 12

American Airlines said it will continue its suspension of services to China. Flights from Los Angeles and Dallas to various Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, were originally scheduled to resume from April 24, but are now suspended until October 24.

9:41 am Mar 12

The NBA has suspended the season in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak: reports

9:36 am Mar 12

Hollywood star Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson test positive for #coronavirus

9:29 am Mar 12

The spread of COVID-19 is related to latitude and temperature. As temperatures rise, the current epidemic will ease, but northern regions may see outbreaks, including the northwestern and midwestern US: University of Maryland School of Medicine

9:12 am Mar 12

South China's Guangdong Province reported Wednesday three new COVID-19 infections, all imported cases. One patient arrived from France and two from Spain.

8:40 am Mar 12

Hubei Province reported 8 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 11, with 10 new deaths and 1,242 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,781 with 50,298 recovered and 3,056 dead.

15 new coronavirus infections, 11 new deaths were reported on Mar 11 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,793 with 3,169 deaths.

6:20 am Mar 12

Chinese experts consider stopping the rising death toll of COVID-19 pneumonia in Iran via preventing confirmed mild cases from turning into severe ones with TCM

5:37 am Mar 12

Italy to suspend all commercial activities, aside from necessities like food stores and pharmacies: reports COVID-19

4:50 am Mar 12

As COVID-19 cases in Spain soared to 2,000 and the virus spread across Europe, Chinese people in Spain are struggling about whether to return to China or stay, facing a belated epidemic control in Spain and otherwise complicated procedures if returning.

2:32 am Mar 12

Declaring COVID-19 as pandemic ‘disappointing’ as it shows the time China earned at heavy cost for the world had been wasted due to lack of aggressive actions of other nations. Pandemic could also mean huge economic losses.

2:13 am Mar 12

World facing pandemic also indicates significant economic losses as the previous pandemic H1N1 led to Mexico’s GDP shrank by 5.3% and SARS outbreak caused in total about $40 billion of losses. Global capital and oil markets also tumbled amid the outbreaks: reports

2:02 am Mar 12

India will suspend all tourist visas to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country. "All existing visas, except diplomatic, official, UN/international organizations, employment, project visas, stand suspended till 15th April 2020," Indian govt said in a statement Wed.

1:40 am Mar 12

China’s tourism market shows signs of recovery with scenic spots reopening, as the country has seen an easing of the epidemic. An industry practitioner said that the domestic tourism would see a recovery in one month.

12:53 am Mar 12

The G7 meeting scheduled on March 24 and 25 in Pittsburgh will be held as online video conference due to COVID-19 outbreak, media reported, citing US State Department.

12:35 am Mar 12

WHO declares the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic

11:49 pm Mar 11

Iran first Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri has been tested positive for COVID-19, Iranian semiofficial Fars news agency reported Wed.

11:20 pm Mar 11

US move to restrict sales of technology to Huawei may backfire amid the COVID-19, as China could ban the export of face masks and other medical gear to America: analyst

10:57 pm Mar 11

China's Wuhan could clear all infected cases of COVID-19 to zero by the end of March if all efforts being implemented continue uninterrupted, and there are no emergencies like infections imported from overseas: China’s leading epidemiologist Li Lanjuan

10:49 pm Mar 11

About 98% of IKEA’s suppliers in China have resumed production as coronavirus eased. Chinese suppliers account for 38% of IKEA’s global capacity: reports

9:26 pm Mar 11

A press release for a Tue State Council executive meeting urged more efforts in the preparation of the Canton Fair, a major import/export fair set to start on April 15, to further promote foreign trade. Many global trade shows have been canceled or postponed due to COVID-19.

6:54 pm Mar 11

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), the maker of the J20 stealth fighter jet, is applying technologies of aircraft manufacturing to face mask production. Each mask-making machine built by AVIC can produce 100 masks per minute and work 24 hrs without a halt.

8:00 pm Mar 11

Beijing has set up a 24/7 transfer center in suburban Shunyi to arrange quarantine and health management work for arrivals from overseas as the capital city faces mounting pressure from imported COVID-19 cases.

5:40 pm Mar 11

US jails may become the next epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak partly due to the US’ decentralized jail management system and the govt’s lax attitude in fighting virus: observers.

5:28 pm Mar 11

A family of four was found hiding in the Wuhan seafood market, the place from where the coronavirus believably stemmed, for 43 days. They remain uninfected, despite using zero protection, reported local television.

5:09 pm Mar 11

The research team of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has developed an anti-bactericidal coating that can kill coronavirus of COVID-19 and other viruses, and it has been used in over local 70 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, Mingpao reported Wed.

5:00 pm Mar 11

China is willing to cooperate with other countries in R&D of medicines, vaccines, and test kits, to share China’s plan to contain the coronavirus globally: Chinese FM

4:48 pm Mar 11

Beijing will set up a settlement point in suburb Shunyi, which will operate 24 hours, to screen overseas arrivals, and coordinate with other provinces and municipalities to conduct escort work as part of COVID-19 epidemic control efforts.

4:45 pm Mar 11

China has provided medical supplies such as masks, medicines, protective outfits to the global society. Besides, China donated $20 million to WHO, and China’s organizations have also given a hand to other countries: Chinese FM. COVID-19

4:44 pm Mar 11

Anhui Charity Foundation, in East China, started on Wednesday a program to raise funds to help with Iran’s battle against COVID-19, among other Chinese organizations and many individuals.

4:41 pm Mar 11

Those from non COVID-19-stricken countries and regions who come to Beijing need to undertake 14-day mandatory quarantine. Those on short-term business trips need to stay at designated hotels and take nucleic acid tests: Beijing authority

4:30 pm Mar 11

China has dispatched expert groups to Iraq and Iran and is preparing to send elite medical teams to aid Italy, which has received credit from locals. We will continue to provide support to countries that need assistance: Chinese FM

4:29 pm Mar 11

As of Tuesday (US local time), the COVID-19 infection cases exceed 1000 for the first time in the US to reach 1020, with 31 deaths. Check this info to find out the shift in the number of infections and deaths in the US.

4:25 pm Mar 11

China has released 7 versions of coronavirus treatment guidelines, which have been translated into different languages. China has held video conferences with EU, ASEAN, the SCO, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan & Georgia to exchange experiences: FM

4:14 pm Mar 11

China’s epidemic control is showing positive signs with successful experiences. China is willing to contribute to the global battle against the COVID-19 while curbing the domestic epidemic with ceaseless efforts: Chinese Foreign Ministry.

4:05 pm Mar 11

The COVID-19 death rate in Italy reached alarmingly high at 6.22% as of Mar 11, which surpasses the death rate of Wuhan. With a total population of 60.48 million, the country has reported 463 total fatalities, out of 10,149 confirmed cases, according to WHO data.

3:43 pm Mar 11

North Korea is mobilizing textile and clothing factories in Jongju city, bordering China, to produce face masks, according to the country’s official newspaper Rodong Sinmun. Soap factories in Pyongyang are also reportedly producing sanitizers amid the coronavirus fears: Yonhap

3:26 pm Mar 11

A Chinese team has developed a rapid antibody test that can diagnose coronavirus within 15 minutes by testing a drop of blood. It can be used for the rapid screening of SARS‐CoV‐2 carriers, symptomatic or asymptomatic, in hospitals, clinics, and test labs: reports

3:22 pm Mar 11

Special COVID-19 case alert: Doctors detected coronavirus in cerebrospinal fluid of a Japanese man in his 20s, which propelled Japanese doctors to speculate the virus may also invade human brain.

2:43 pm Mar 11

China's Red Cross dispatched a team of seven, including CDC and other medical experts, to coronavirus-stricken Italy to help the country battle against the virus outbreak.

2:18 pm Mar 11

Chinese People's Liberation Army on Tuesday expelled US destroyer McCampbell, which trespassed Chinese territorial waters in the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea: a Chinese military spokesperson

1:41 pm Mar 11

Hubei issued a statement Wed on gradual removal of traffic restrictions to help work resumption and categorize cities in high, medium & low risks. Firms in Wuhan, if unrelated to the crucial sectors of COVID-19 control work, are not allowed to restart work before March 20

12:22 pm Mar 11

The US is estimated to have 9,484 infected cases of COVID-19 as of March 1, based on data on air traffic directly from Wuhan.

12:13 pm Mar 11

DRCongo confirmed its first case of COVID-19 in its capital Kinshasa on Tue. The confirmed case, a traveler from France, showed symptoms upon arrival. The local health ministry enforced quarantine and prevention measures: Chinese Embassy in DR Congo

12:00 pm Mar 11

Latest update on COVID-19 around the world: 

Italy: 10149 confirmed, 631 deaths 

South Korea: 7755 confirmed, 61 deaths 

France: 1784 confirmed, 33 deaths 

Spain: 1695 confirmed, 35 deaths 

Germany: 1565 confirmed 

UK: health minister Nadine Dorries infected

11:24 am Mar 11

Beijing's Xicheng district said all close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Fuxing Hospital are cleared from medical observations & no new case was reported in the hospital for 21 consecutive days. The hospital had cluster infections with 34 cases in mid-Feb

11:10 am Mar 11

Six overseas Chinese who had worked in a restaurant in Italy returned to China without reporting their health statuses truthfully. Police in Qingtian, Zhejiang Province launched an investigation after filing a case on Tuesday. 

11:09 am Mar 11

Qianjiang, the first city in Hubei Province to lift transport restrictions on Tue amid draconian lockdown, revoked the previous order of easing restraints on Wed morning.

10:59 am Mar 11

A cargo aircraft carrying 26.4 tons of medical supplies, including masks, protective suits, goggles & gloves totaling 4,556 boxes, have departed from China’s Hangzhou airport for Italy early Wed, the first shipment to aid overseas Chinese in Italy against the coronavirus.

10:12 am Mar 11

Median duration of viral shedding was 20 days in COVID-19 survivors but continued until death in fatal cases, from 8 to 37 days, showed a research published in medical journal The Lancet. It was based on 191 hospitalized patients of whom 137 were discharged and 54 died.

10:04 am Mar 11

East China’s Shandong Province reported its first imported COVID-19 infection on Tuesday. The patient set off from Italy and arrived in Qingdao via Beijing. The patient is being isolated and treated in a designated hospital, with 10 close contacts under medical observation.

10:01 am Mar 11

China’s stock market opened slightly higher on Wednesday as the COVID-19 epidemic eases across the country. The Shanghai Composite Index edged up by 0.17%, the Shenzhen Component Index by 0.29% and the tech-heavy ChiNext board by 0.42%.

9:53 am Mar 11

All 13 new COVID-19 cases reported in Hubei Province on March 10 were in Wuhan. All other cities in Hubei have reported zero new infections for at least 6 consecutive days.

9:33 am Mar 11

164 Chinese nationals flew back to Chengdu, Sichuan Province on a chartered plane from Teheran, Iran, on Wed with the assistance of Chinese embassy. They are now under quarantine COVID-19. 

9:08 am Mar 11

As of Tuesday more than 74.36 million CPC members in China have voluntarily donated 7.68 billion yuan ($1.1billion) to fight against COVID-19. Donations are still ongoing.

9:01 am Mar 11

Italy reported 168 new deaths from COVID-19 and 977 new infections on Tuesday; total infection number rose to 10,149 with 631 dead until 6:00 pm on March 10.

8:59 am Mar 11

Coronavirus Update: The number of confirmed infections in the US has surged past 950, with at least 29 deaths. British Health Minister, Nadine Dorries, was tested positive & under quarantine at home, tweeting she "feels rubbish" now.

8:58 am Mar 11

24 new coronavirus infections, 22 new deaths were reported on Mar 10 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,778 with 3,158 deaths.

8:57 am Mar 11

Hubei Province reported 13 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 10, with 22 new deaths and 1,471 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,773 with 49,056 recovered and 3,046 dead.

8:49 am Mar 11

Beijing reported six new COVID-19 infections on Tuesday; all of the new cases were imported infection: five patients were from Italy; one from the US.

7:39 am Mar 11

If the Italian side requires, China would like to send medical personnel to Italy to help combat the novel coronavirus: Chinese FM

7:39 am Mar 11

Though China itself now still needs a large amount of medical materials, the country, overcoming difficulties, will offer Italy with assistance like medical materials including face masks, and enhance exports of supplies and equipment to meet Italy's urgent need: Chinese FM

11:01 pm Mar 10

Gao Fu, head of China’s CDC, appeared Tue in a video conference with experts dispatched to Iran for COVID-19. He‘s disappeared from the public eye after falling into controversy by saying no enough proof of people-to-people transmission of the coronavirus

11:01 pm Mar 10

Xi called frontline medical workers fighting COVID-19 "the most admirable people in the new era" during his visit to Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan on Tues. "Although I can't see your face under your mask, you are the most admirable people in my heart!"

10:55 pm Mar 10

The COVID-19 is definitely not synthetic, since the identical PRRA locus of COVID19 is found in the coronavirus in bat: Shi Zhengli, a scientist with the Wuhan Institute of Virology

10:39 pm Mar 10

Farewell and stay safe! All makeshift hospitals in Wuhan have been closed, as of Tuesday afternoon, after the discharge of the last batch of patients. Wuhan makeshift hospitals have treated more than 12,000 COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms since Feb 5.

9:49 pm Mar 10

The police of E. China’s Zhejiang launched a probe into six arrivals from Italy on Tue for hindering the COVID-19 prevention work. Six people working in the same restaurant had fever and cough symptoms before returning but did not report their true health conditions.

6:34 pm Mar 10

As of Tue afternoon, all 16 makeshift hospitals in Wuhan have been closed, with all of the 13,467 beds emptied. More than 12,000 patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms had been treated in these makeshift hospitals since the first one started operation on Feb 5.

5:51 pm Mar 10

At least 50 call center employees have been infected with COVID-19 in Seoul, South Korea, which is believed to be the largest single infection cluster in the Seoul capital area: report. The employees were not wearing masks during work. Over 200 employees have been quarantined

5:44 pm Mar 10

France will raise coronavirus alert to stage-3, as the country has reported 1,412 cases, a jump of 286 on the previous day. There have been 25 deaths: 10 women and 15 men. Sadly, French culture minister, Franck Riester, is tested positive for the virus.

5:29 pm Mar 10

This is how banks in China get currency notes "washed" amid coronavirus outbreak. After spraying the boxes with disinfectant, employees expose the cash to ultraviolet light for at least 30 mins. The "washed" cash will be "quarantined" for 7-14 days before reentering the market

5:25 pm Mar 10
Green-color “health code” holders with no record of infection or close contact with COVID-19 patients, in low-risk districts of the Hubei Province, are allowed to pass through the whole province.

5:15 pm Mar 10

As of Tue, all 36 COVID-19 cases reported in Zhejiang's Shilifeng prison have been discharged from the hospital upon recovery, Zhejiang authority announced. Two prison officials were ousted from their posts on Feb 21 after the cluster infection came to light.

5:06 pm Mar 10

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology urged Tesla to take rectification measures to ensure the safety of its vehicles after the company uses downgraded hardware in China-made Model 3s cars.

4:47 pm Mar 10

Flights from epidemic epicenter Wuhan, Hubei Province, to Shanghai from March 29 onwards are seen available on some online ticketing platforms on Tue, implying the likelihood of Wuhan lifting its draconian lockdown at end of this month, imposed in the wake of the COVID-19.

4:26 pm Mar 10

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday visited residents who are quarantined at home at a community in Wuhan

3:58 pm Mar 10

Chinese FM spokesperson gave no direct answer to whether China plans to evacuate Chinese nationals from COVID-19-stricken Italy, but said the Chinese embassy in Italy has repeatedly urged the Italian government to take measures to protect their health.

3:56 pm Mar 10

China issued on Tue new guidelines on preferential tax policies to cope with the epidemic of COVID-19, including VAT relief for micro and small enterprises, cut or exemption of pension & medical insurances, reduced rent for individual businesses: State Taxation Administration

3:47 pm Mar 10

The COVID-19 epidemic has affected China's poverty relief work. About 14.2 million people from underprivileged families are employed this year, only 52% of the total number last year, leading to a reduction in rural income.

3:06 pm Mar 10

Qianjiang city in Hubei, becomes the first city in the coronavirus-hit province to lift a lockdown on Tuesday.

2:59  pm Mar 10

The 3,500 people on US's Grand Princess cruise ship, docked at Oakland, will be disembarked and quarantined in 3 military camps in US, with some 30 seriously ill passengers taken to hospitals. Among them, 21 were tested positive for coronavirus.

2:45 pm Mar 10

Shanghai reported 2 new imported COVID-19 cases from Bologna, Italy Tuesday. The patients were transferred to designated observation site upon arrival on Mar 8, after they showed coronavirus symptoms

2:16 pm Mar 10

Beijing will amend local laws to tighten regulation on illegal trade, artificial breeding, and consumption of wildlife animals. Institutes involved in relevant businesses will undergo strict scrutiny from the authorities.

1:26 pm Mar 10

The recovery rate from COVID-19 exceeded 93% in Shanghai, with four more coronavirus patients discharged from the hospital on Tue. So far, 319 of 342 confirmed cases in the city have been discharged upon recovery with three reported deaths.

12:47 pm Mar 10

People from low-risk regions in Central China's Hubei Province can travel within the province with a "green code" that records their health status. The province is cautiously restarting some businesses amid easing epidemic control measures.

12:52 pm Mar 10

Red Cross Society of China is considering dispatching a medical team to Italy amid the COVID-19 outbreak, and the two sides have communicated about this, Red Cross Society of China's director Chen Zhu told the Global Times Tuesday.

12:50 pm Mar 10

The Red Cross Society of China on Tuesday held a video conference with Chinese experts dispatched to Iran to fight COVID-19. Chinese experts in Iran reported the shortage of medical supplies, including protection outfits and test kits.

11:54 am Mar 10

Capability of daily medical waste disposal surged 2.7 times in Hubei after the COVID-19 outbreak, 4.3 times in Wuhan city. Around China, the capability jumped from 4,902 tons daily before the outbreak to 6,022 tons at present, a 23% increase: Ministry of Ecology & Environment

11:30 am Mar 10

A team of researchers from Wuhan University developed a facial recognition software targeting people wearing masks, with an accuracy of 90 percent.

10:48 am Mar 10

Mongolia reported its first COVID-19 infection on Tuesday. The patient is a French national who arrived in Ulaanbaatar from Moscow.

10:25 am Mar 10

The COVID-19 is like SARS+AIDS for severely infected patients as it could seriously damage both lung functioning and immune system, stated reports, citing a doctor who conducted autopsy on a deceased patient.

9:17 am Mar 10

French Minister for Culture Franck Riester has tested positive for COVID-19.

8:08 am Mar 10

Hubei Province reported 17 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 9, with 17 new deaths and 1,152 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,760 with 47,585 recovered and 3,024 dead.

19 new coronavirus infections, 17 new deaths were reported on Mar 9 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,754 with 3,136 deaths.

12:27 am Mar 10

WHO declares COVID-19 pandemic as virus continues to spread worldwide

7:39 pm Mar 9

China plans to export face masks to South Korea with the first batch of 5 million units, including surgical masks and N95 masks: official

7:08 pm Mar 9

Chinese FM set up an emergency center to guard against the risk of imported COVID-19 cases, which will coordinate quarantine for visitors arriving in China and promote establishment of a multilateral mechanism to jointly prevent cross-border spread of the virus.

4:47 pm Mar 9

The Shanghai Film Group announced Monday the launch of China's first "cinema anti-epidemic relief fund" with a total amount of 1 billion yuan ($143 million) to stimulate the recovery of the cinemaindustry paralyzed by COVID-19

4:38 pm Mar 9

Over 25,100 people have been infected, and 506 have died from coronavirus outside China's mainland by Monday. China's leading scientist on infectious disease predicts the virus will continue its relentless global onslaught till June.

4:19 pm Mar 9

China will offer Pakistan 50,000 liters of pesticide, and 15 sprayers to help fight against the locust attack. The first shipment was dispatched Mon morning, along with a new consignment of COVID-19 test kits: Chinese FM

4:04 pm Mar 9

Chinese govt has donated aid to South Korea for COVID-19 and the first batch of aid will arrive soon. As of Sunday, local govts and enterprises in Shanghai, Shandong, and Jilin also donated medical materials to South Korea: Chinese FM

3:02 pm Mar 9

More than 1,700 enterprises in Shanghai have donated a total of 1.65 billion yuan ($236 million) to fight COVID-19. These enterprises will enjoy an income tax rebate, Shanghai authority announced on Mon.

2:59 pm Mar 9

A 2-year-old COVID-19 patient in Shanghai was discharged from hospital on Mon. Doctors said most children show mild symptoms & have longer average incubation period than adults, ie 6.5 vs 5.4 days. Unless critical, antiviral drugs or empiric antibiotic therapy are not needed

2:36 pm Mar 9

No new confirmed cases were reported in Shanghai as of 12 pm March 9 when one more patient was discharged from hospital. 22 suspected COVID-19 cases in the city are being examined, among which 10 are #imported from overseas, Shanghai authority announced Mon.

12:57 pm Mar 9

Zhu Heping, a doctor from the ophthalmology department of Wuhan Central Hospital, died of COVID-19 infection. He was a colleague of "whistleblower" doctor Li Wenliang, who first revealed information about the SARS-like virus spread on social media.

12:34 pm Mar 9

Beijing continues to keep sports centers, gyms, and swimming pools shut amid the COVID-19 outbreak, as the city is still at a critical juncture of combating against the disease and maintains the highest level of precautionary measures: local authority

11:00 am Mar 9

Shanghai Disney Resort said part of its facilities such as Disneytown and Wishing Star Park reopened starting Mon with restricted visitor flow and shortened operation hours amid the COVID-19 outbreak. But Shanghai Disneyland will continue to remain closed.

10:56 am Mar 9

53 community personnel serving in China's local communities have sacrificed their lives during the COVID-19 prevention and control as of Sunday, of which 92.5% are members of the CPC 

10:35 am Mar 9

USA confirmed cases surpass 500, death toll rises to 22.  US senator Ted Cruz from Texas state enters self-quarantine after interaction with a patient at a meeting.

10:14 am Mar 9

A total of 3,021 neighborhoods, or 42.5% of all neighborhoods in Wuhan, 135 communities, or 9.6%, and 1,350 villages, or 69.5%, have been declared clear of COVID-19 as of Sunday afternoon.

9:48 am Mar 9

President of Portugal enters voluntarily self-quarantine for possible COVID-19 infection: reports

9:05 am Mar 9

Excluding Wuhan, other cities in Hubei Province reported zero new cases of COVID-19 for four consecutive days on Monday.

8:43 am Mar 9

Italy reported 7,375 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 366 deaths as of Sunday afternoon, surpassing the number in #SouthKorea and becoming the most-stricken nation outside China.

8:12 am Mar 9

Hubei Province reported 36 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 8, with 21 new deaths and 1,422 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,743 with 46,433 recovered and 3,007 dead.

40 new coronavirus infections, 22 new deaths were reported on Mar 8 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,735 with 3,119 deaths.

10:36 pm Mar 8

UK coronavirus cases soar to 273 after 67 people were confirmed infected with COVID-19 on Mar 8, the biggest one-day jump so far.

10:24 pm Mar 8

A latest research paper suggested that COVID-19 has strong ability to spread. In a closed air-conditioned environment, the distance of transmission could reach up to 4.5 meters and the virus can float in the air and cause infections within 30 minutes: reports

10:11 pm Mar 8

NW China’s Gansu Province reports 4 new imported cases of COVID-19 from overseas, taking the total number of imported infections in the province to 33.

9:44 pm Mar 8

A rapid COVID-19 test paper has been developed, which is able to detect coronavirus 7 days after infection or 3 to 4 days after symptom onset; a special chip for distinguishing COVID-19 from other viruses is also made public: Chinese respiratory specialist Zhong Nanshan

8:19 pm Mar 8

11 of 14 makeshift hospitals erected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, have been closed by Sunday. Some 100 coronavirus patients are remaining in the left 3 hospitals. Wuhan authorities plan to close all of them in a day or two.

7:03 pm Mar 8

Scientists in Shanghai have developed a safer human cell carrier vaccine and injected it into a researcher’s body. But insiders say there remain challenges to the effectiveness of the vaccine: yicai.com reported

6:53 pm Mar 8

New COVID-19 cases in Iran jumped by 743 as of Sunday noon, taking total numbers to 6566. 49 new deaths have also been reported, taking the death toll to 194.

6:23 pm Mar 8

Two Hong Kong residents who once boarded on the Dimond Princess, died in Japan due to coronavirus. There are still 29 COVID-19 patients from HK receiving treatment in Japan: local media reports.

5:51 pm Mar 8

Hong Kong reports 4 latest cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, taking the total infections in the SAR to 114. One of the patients has a history of visiting India.

5:43 pm Mar 8

WHO spokesman says coronavirus hits more than 100 countries, regions

5:25 pm Mar 8

Breastfeeding is not recommended for mothers who have been diagnosed with COVID-19: says an expert in the NHC daily briefing. The expert noted that it is not yet clear if coronavirus exists in breast milk but there may be a risk of infection for the babies.

5:13 pm Mar 8

The US cruise ship, Grand Princess, which was turned away from San Francisco will instead dock at the port of Oakland Monday. Passengers needing “acute medical treatment and hospitalization” will disembark first, others will be quarantined in a nearby facility.

5:02 pm Mar 8

New cases of COVID-19 in South Korea added another 179 as of 4 pm Sunday, taking the total number to 7,313 in the country, the largest number of any country outside of China.

4:09 pm Mar 8

28,000, or 2/3's of medical staff sent to the COVID-19 epicenter Hubei Province are women. They've played critical roles in rescue and treatment of patients, and they are the most loved people: National Health Commission

3:52 pm Mar 8

China's Pinglan Public Welfare Foundation donated 2,500 test kits to Iran on Sunday, the third such batch of donations. These kits will be soon transported to Iran via the Iranian Embassy in China and help local people to combat the epidemic.

3:48 pm Mar 8

Apart from Hubei Province, 3 new confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in other provinces as of Saturday, all of which were imported from abroad: health authorities

3:30 pm Mar 8

Chen Yixin, deputy head of the central guiding group on Hubei, vowed to begin plans on work resumption and allow people stranded in Wuhan to leave the city in groups, while focusing on combating the epidemic.

2:14 pm Mar 8

Hong Kong will start to work on imbedding algorithms into electronic bracelets to monitor if people in quarantine stay in their homes, according to media reports, citing the director of the Innovation and Technology Bureau.

1:47 pm Mar 8

Italy's Prime Minister signs a decree that will put 14 provinces under lockdown to contain COVID-19 spread in the country, and the decree will affect over 10 million people.

1:35 pm Mar 8

Nanjing, China's Jiangsu Province, banned group memorial activities for the upcoming traditional Qingming Festival, or Tomb-sweeping Day, and launched an app for online memorials, out of concerns of spread of COVID-19.

12:04 pm Mar 8

By Saturday, the US count of #coronavirus infections passed 420, with trouble spots on a cruise ship off the coast of California and a Starbucks outlet in Seattle. CDC director Rober Redfield is urgeing officials to step up their fight on the virus’s spread in communities.

11:23 am Mar 8

Japan will invalidate all types of visas for Chinese and S.Korean nationals and suspend visa-free entry for residents of Hong Kong, Macao and S. Korea, starting from Monday to curb the spread of coronavirus, according to a notice from the Chinese Embassy in Japan

10:40 am Mar 8

Washington DC has confirmed the first case of novel coronavirus infection: US media reports

9:47 am Mar 8

The largest FangCang makeshift hospital in Wuhan, which has admitted more than 1,700 patients,  is set to close on Sunday: media report

8: 47 am March 8

44 new coronavirus infections, 27 new deaths were reported on Mar 7 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,695 with 3,097 deaths.

Hubei Province reported 41 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 7, with 27 new deaths and 1,543 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,707 with 45,011 recovered and 2,986 dead.

4:47 pm Mar 7

More than 100,000 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed globally as of Saturday: WHO spokesperson

4:43 pm Mar 7

21,302 confirmed COVID-19 cases reported in 94 countries and regions outside China as of Saturday noon

8:58 am Mar 7

Hubei reported no new confirmed cases of COVID-19  except in Wuhan for two consecutive days since Thursday. Among 25 new confirmed cases outside Hubei as of Friday, 24 were imported cases, according to health commission on Saturday.

8:50 am Mar 7

Beijing reported 4 new cases of #COVID19 as of Friday, including 3 imported cases from Italy: authorities

8:22 am Mar 7

99 new coronavirus infections, 28 new deaths were reported on Mar 6  in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,651, with 3,070 deaths.

Hubei Province reported 74 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 6, with 28 new deaths and 1,502 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,666, with 43,468 recovered and 2,959 dead.

7:58 am Mar 7

Colombia confirms first case of #COVID19. The 19-year-old patient recently arrived in Bogota from #Milan, #Italy.

7:56 am Mar 7

Costa Rica confirms first case of #COVID19. The patient is a 49-year-old American tourist who has been quarantined in a hotel in San Jose together with her husband.

7:49 am Mar 7

US Vice President Mike Pence said on Friday at a press briefing that 21 people on the #GrandPrincess cruise ship were tested positive for #COVID19, including 19 crew members and two passengers.

5:59 pm Mar 6

The Vatican reports its first coronavirus case

5:31 pm Mar 6

Second imported COVID19 case found in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The 70-year-old woman has traveled to Spain in early January; and during her trip, she changed flights in Abu Dhabi, and then landed in Beijing and flew back to Shenzhen.

5:28 pm Mar 6

New discovery: Novel coronavirus affects blood circulation system and causes blood coagulation as severe and critical patients' fingers and toes turn purple. A PUMCH medical team in Wuhan adopted anticoagulation treatment to curb the development of the disease.

5:18 pm Mar 6

At 4:30 pm Friday, the last batch of 21 patients was discharged from a Fang Cang makeshift hospital in Wuhan's Guanggu area, becoming the second Fang Cang hospital that closed amid the COVID19 outbreak.

5:08 pm Mar 6

827,000 returnees to Beijing are now undergoing 14-day home quarantines, said Beijing authorities. The capital’s battle against the COVID19 spread has hit a crucial point as the city faces risks of imported infections and resultant further domestic spread.

5:06 pm Mar 6

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Friday afternoon inspected the Beijing International Airport, one of the world's busiest airports. Li examined entry epidemic control and prevention work and coordination based on big data analysis to ensure inflow and outflow safety. COVID19

4:54 pm Mar 6

More than 3,000 medical staff in Central China's Hubei Province have been infected with COVID19, among them 40% were infected in hospitals and 60% in their communities. They are all non-infectious practitioners in the province.

More than 40,000 medical staff from other provinces and regions came to support Hubei and none of them got infected with COVID19: Ding Xiangyang, member of the central government's guiding group to Hubei

3:51 pm Mar 6

Chloroquine phosphate has become a clinical treatment drug for COVID19, so far no obvious untoward reaction is discovered, said Sun Yanrong, deputy director of the biological center of the Ministry of Science and Technology: reports

3:42 pm Mar 6

COVID19 virus mutation has not affected the vaccines and antibodies research and development process, and we are actively pushing forward relevant scientific projects: Zhou Qi, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

3:24 pm Mar 6

Chinese central govt's top medical advisor ZhongNanshan warned in a latest research paper on COVID19 spreading through sewer pollution based on over 1,000 samples collected, showing symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting and indicating new evidence of digestive transmission.

3:20 pm Mar 6

East China's Zhejiang will put preventing imported COVID19 cases as a top priority, authorities said on Fri. Zhejiang so far reported 1,215 cases of coronavirus infection as of Friday morning, within which 10 cases were of foreign origin.

3:09 pm Mar 6

A South Korean fundraising association returned the 12 billion won ($10.05 million) that the Shincheonji Church, where cluster infection occurred, donated on Thursday to fight the COVID-19 outbreak: media reports.

2:48 pm Mar 6

Shanghai reported three new cases of COVID-19 infection as of Friday noon, all from Tehran, Iran: Shanghai health authority

The three people, two from NW China's Ningxia and one from Gansu, studied in #Iran and arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Upon arrival, they were sent to designated places for quarantine and diagnosed on Friday.

12:52 pm Mar 6

Central China's Hubei Province where the first COVID-19 outbreak occurred has fully banned the consumption of wild animals, effective Thursday.

12:50 pm Mar 6

Wuhan has reported 126 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. For the first time, all other cities in Hubei reported zero confirmed cases over 24 hours.

10:52 am Mar 6

The discharge rate of COVID-19 patients exceeded 90% in Shanghai. Three more coronavirus patients in Shanghai were discharged from hospital after recovery on Friday, Shanghai authority announced. As of Fri, 306 of 339 confirmed cases in the city have been discharged.

10:05 am Mar 6

The National Health Commission on Friday reported 16 new imported cases of COVID-19 during the previous day: 11 in Gansu, four in China’s capital city Beijing, and one in Shanghai, bringing the total number of imported infections to 36.

10:02 am Mar 6

For the first time, Chinese researchers in Shenzhen observed the true morphology of inactivated COVID-19 via microscope, providing an important ultramicrographic basis for the recognition, identification and clinical research of the virus.

9:45 am Mar 6

Outside Hubei, there were 17 new COVID-19 infection cases reported in China during the whole day of Thursday. 29 new deaths reported in Hubei while one was reported in South China's Hainan.

09:33 am Mar 6

143 new coronavirus infections, 30 new deaths were reported on Mar 5  in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,552, with 3,042 deaths.

Hubei reports 126 new confirmed cases, with 29 new deaths from the novel coronavirus infection; 1,487 discharged from hospital

11:05 pm Mar 5

11 of the 311 passengers from Iran to Lanzhou, NW China's Gansu Province, via chartered airplanes sent by China's airlines were confirmed infected with COVID-19 on Thursday, with the other 300 still in quarantine. The patients are in stable condition, local authority said.

9:41 pm Mar 5

Residents of a building in Xi'an, NW China's Shaanxi Province have been quarantined for two weeks since Thursday after a recovered COVID-19 patient living in the building became positive with the novel coronavirus again.

6:12 pm Mar 5

Coronavirus Update:
-- Wave of infections in Germany,
France, Spain
-- Italy over 3,100 cases, 107 deaths
-- Iran reports 92 deaths, free 54,000
--  S.  Korea cases surge to 6,000, 35 deaths
-- US deaths 11, California declares emergency
--  Death toll in China exceeds 3,000, fatality
rate 3.74%

5:13 pm Mar 5

Japan plans to enforce travel restrictions in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic by invalidating visas issued in China and South Korea and mandating a two-week quarantine for visitors from the two countries. The restriction is also imposed on visitors from some parts of Iran.

5:01 pm Mar 5

Epicenter Hubei Province faces 25m kilograms of seed shortage for mid-season rice, accounting for 50% of the total requirement. Seed firms in neighboring Hunan & E.China's Anhui & Jiangxi provinces are preparing to assist: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs COVID-19

4:49 pm Mar 5

A total of 1,923 COVID-19 patients were discharged from hospital after recovery, on Wed, in epidemic epicenter Hubei Province. The number of discharged patients have exceeded the confirmed new cases for 15 consecutive days in the province.

4:49 pm Mar 5

Zhejiang reported 2 new imported cases of COVID-19 from Italy, on Wed; Shanghai reported 1 from Iran, on Thur.

4:26 pm Mar 5

China is pushing for the timely signing of the RCEP agreement and accelerate the China-Japan-Korea FTA negotiations, according to MOFOM, to reduce companies’ operational costs and mitigate the negative impacts of the epidemic.

4:02 pm Mar 5

Demanding an apology from China is unwarranted. Did anyone seek an apology from the US for the H1N1 flu outbreak that spread to 214 countries and regions killing more than 18,449 people: Chinese FM

4:00 pm Mar 5

The absurd remarks made by some hosts fully exposed their arrogance, prejudice, and ignorance toward China: Chinese FM said following Fox News host Jesse Watters demanding an apology from China on COVID-19 outbreak Fox News

4:00 pm Mar 5

China has enforced no restrictions on the export of face masks or its materials, explained the MOFCOM on Thursday. China exports over 70 percent of total face mask output every year and mask producers are free to trade them according to market-orientated principles.

3:53 pm Mar 5

China’s export & import have shown positive signs, said MOFCOM on Thursday. Key export companies in Zhejiang and Tianjin have resumed operation, and 70 percent of the companies have restarted business in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, and Chongqing.

3:48 pm Mar 5

Demand in China’s automobile market is showing strong signs of a rebound, increasing 14.8 percent month-on-month in late February, according to MOFCOM. Daily sales of the monitored retailers also increased by 5.6 percent compared with mid-February.

3:00 pm Mar 5

As of Wednesday, China has spent 71.43 billion yuan on work related to prevention and control of novel coronavirus or COVID-19. China allotted a total of 110.48 billion yuan to fight the epidemic, said Chinese deputy finance minister Xu Hongcai

3:00 pm Mar 5

60% of Xinjiang textile manufacturers resumed production, but their exports to Europe are hit by growing coronavirus cases overseas. Rising costs of medical supplies also squeeze their profit.

2:24 pm Mar 5

303 of 339 confirmed COVID-19 patients in Shanghai have been discharged from hospital after recovery as of Thursday. The coronavirus patients discharge rate reached 89.38 percent in Shanghai.

2:15 pm Mar 5

Shanghai reported a new COVID-19 case on Thur, imported from Iran. The patient, a resident from Northwest China’s Qinghai Province who is a student in Iran, arrived at the Shanghai Pudong New Airport on March 2 from Tehran.

1:58 pm Mar 5

The 34 individuals honored posthumously include Liu Zhiming, director of Wuchang Hospital, who passed away on Feb 18 due to COVID-19, and Peng Yinhua, a doctor at Jiangxia First Hospital who had earlier delayed his wedding as he wanted to combat the disease.

1:55 pm Mar 5

China honored a group of frontline doctors for their contributions in battling against COVID-19. Doctors who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, including Li Wenliang & hospital director Liu Zhiming, were honored posthumously.

12:46 pm Mar 5

The US is investigating COVID-19 infections on the Grand Princess cruise with 2,500 passengers on board after 21 showed symptoms. The first COVID-19 death in California, a 71-year-old man, was on the ship before being sent to the hospital on Feb 27.

12:04 pm Mar 5

Italy decided to close all its schools and universities as it faces escalating coronavirus infections, with 3,089 confirmed cases and 107 deaths.

10:20 am Mar 5

South Korea confirmed 438 new cases of COVID-19 on Wed, bringing its total to 5,766.

9:54 am Mar 5

More than 1,000 COVID-19 patients have recovered and been discharged from hospitals daily for 22 consecutive days. There have now been more than 50,000 recoveries in China.

9:15 am Mar 5

Hubei Province, the COVID-19 outbreak epicenter in Cihna, reported 134 new confirmed infections on Wednesday, a second consecutive increase. It reported 115 on Tues and 114 on Mon. The disease killed 31 in the province on Wednesday.

9:12 am Mar 5

Two more Italy imported confirmed COVID-19 were reported in E. China's Zhejiang Province, bringing the total confirmed cases from Italy to 10 as of Thursday.

8:47 am Mar 5

As of 10 am Central European time on Wednesday, a total of 12,668 infections of COVID-19 and 214 deaths were confirmed in 76 countries and regions outside China.

8:25 am Mar 5

Hubei reports 134 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infections on Mar 4, with 31 new deaths. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,466, with 40,479 recovered and 2,902 deaths. 
139 new coronavirus infections, 31 new deaths were reported on Mar 4 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,409, with 3,012 deaths.

4:35 pm Mar 4

A new research by Chinese scientists says:
1. divergence between COVID-19 virus & bat-related SARS virus is larger than previously thought
2. more prevalent L-cov type of COVID-19 in early stage of Wuhan outbreak, human intervention cuts its intensity
3. evolutionarily 'older' and less aggressive S-cov infections cases have risen

4:30 pm Mar 4

The long incubation period has not been identified or reported in Wuhan or in other countries. The median incubation period is 5-7 days, longer is 14 days, but no data showing a longer incubation even exists: Du Bin, Director of Medical ICU, Peking Union Medical College Hospital

4:17 pm Mar 4

As of March 3, the COVID-19 infections reached 10,556 in over 70 countries and regions outside China, as WHO raised coronavirus threat assessment to its highest level a few days ago. 

4:14 pm Mar 4

250,000 protective outfits have been dispatched to epidemic epicenter Hubei per day, exceeding the demand. China will increase supply to other parts of the country and encourage export of protective clothing amid COVID-19: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Wed.

4:08 pm Mar 4

With 516 new infections of COVID-19 confirmed in South Korea on March 3, the total number reached 5,328, as South Korea became the country with the highest number of infections outside China.

4:02 pm Mar 4

Most COVID-19 patients were infected either by type L-coc or S-cov, but one patient from the US who had traveled to Wuhan has been found to be infected with both.

3:33 pm Mar 4

Chinese enterprises had provided 65,000 sets of medical equipment to Hubei Province as of March 3, including ventilators and blood gas analyzers , according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Wednesday. COVID-19

3:17 pm Mar 4 

As of Monday, 55% of Chinese SMEs have not resumed production, while some of the remaining 45% that reopened, find it difficult to return to their normal capacity: Xin Guobin, vice-minister of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology COVID-19

2:49 pm Mar4

Chinese scientists claim that the COVID-19 virus has probably genetically mutated to two variants: S-cov & L-cov. They believe the L-cov is more dangerous, featuring higher transmitibility and inflicting more harm on human respiratory system.

1:58 pm Mar 4

A team of SoutKorean researchers from Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology on Wednesday claimed they discovered antibodies to the novel coronavirus: Yonhap News Agency

1:56 pm Mar 4

Amazon confirms an employee in Seattle contracted COVID-19 infection. The employee fell ill on Feb 25: reports.

1:40 pm Mar 4

Chile confirms first case of COVID-19: 33-year-old man who recently traveled through Asia and returned via Europe

12:34 pm Mar 4

Two employees of Ford China have tested positive for the coronavirus. The US auto firm is restricting all company travel through March 27: media reports

12:20 pm Mar 4

Chinese customs reported a total of 6,728 visitors showing some symptoms of COVID-19 as of Wedesday; 75 tested nucleic acid and proved to be positive.

11:58 am Mar 4

Beijing reported 2 new imported cases of COVID-19 from Iran and Italy on Mar 4, as the total number of imported COVID-19 cases from overseas in the Chinese mainland reached 15.

10:30 am Mar 4

Hubei Province confirmed 115 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday with 114 in Wuhan and 1 in E'Zhou. The rest of the 15 cities within the province reported zero new cases.

10:06 am 

Air New Zealand on Wednesday confirmed a case of COVID-19 on its Singapore-Auckland fight.

9:56 am 

Iran announced on Tuesday that it will temporarily release over 54,000 prisoners in an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, reported CNN, citing Iran's semi-official news agency ISNA.

9:47 am 

A COVID-19 prevention and control guidebook, edited by China's renowned expert Zhang Wenhong, has been translated into Farsi. An e-version will be released by Iranian authorities and will be offered to citizens for free: media

9: 45 am Mar 4

Hubei Province reported 115 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 3, with 37 new deaths and 2,389 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,332 with 38,556 recovered and 2,871 dead.

119 new coronavirus infections, 38 new deaths were reported on Mar 3 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,270 with 2,981 deaths.

9:20 am Mar 4

516 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in South Korea on Tue, bringing its total number to 5,328.

8:45 am Mar 4

Another 466 infections of COVID-19 were confirmed in Italy, lifting the total number to 2,502.

7:50 pm Mar 3

As of Mar 2, the funds allocated for COVID-19 epidemic control by the governments at all levels reached 108.75 billion yuan ($15.58b). Medical spending guarantee in China are adequate, and treatment will not be delayed due to medical costs: Chinese Ministry of Finance said Tue.

6: 26 pm Mar 3

The 83-year-old Pope Francis was tested negative for COVID-19: media reports

5:34 pm Mar 3

Coronavirus Update:
-Germany has 188 cases, France has 191 cases
-South Korea cases surge to over 5,100, 34 deaths
-Italy reports 2,036 cases and 52 deaths
-Iran cases jump to 1,501 and 66 deaths
-USA confirmed cases exceed 100 in 15 states, 6 deaths

4:57 pm Mar 3

There are still 6,593 patients remaining in critical conditions receiving treatment in Hubei’s hospitals. Over 40,000 medical workers across China are offering medical aids in Hubei Province at present: Hubei health authority. 

3:38 pm Mar 3

China will help small and medium-sized enterprises resume production amid COVID-19 through tax cuts, subsidies for vocational training, and subsidized loans: Ministry of Finance said Tue. Over 510 billion yuan ($73b) will be deducted from corporate taxes & fees in 2020.

3:15 pm Mar 3

In provinces excluding Hubei Province, new COVID-19 cases have stayed at about 10 for the last 5 days. Suspected infections hover around 100 for the last 4 days, while 3,000 patients have been recocered & discharged  every day during the past six days.

2:45 pm Mar 3

Doctor Mei Zhongming of the Central Hospital of Wuhan reportedly died of novel coronavirus on Tue. Mei was a colleague of doctor Li Wenliang, who died due to the virus on February 7.

1:23 pm Mar 3

Shanghai, a municipality that borders Zhejiang, has tracked and quarantined 71 people in the city who had close contact with the seven imported COVID-19 cases from Italy to Zhejiang: local health authority

1:20 pm  Mar 3

Guangdong Province now require all travelers who arrive from countries and regions with severe coronavirus outbreaks to quarantine themselves for 14 days,the local Nanfang Daily said onTuesday.

1:14 pm Mar 3

Beijing dispatched designated teams to assess the risk of the import of COVID-19 infection from overseas and vowed to strengthen entry regulations into the capital after imported cases from Iran were reported in Beijing on Sunday.

10:30 am Mar 3

The cure rate of COVID-19 outside Hubei Province in the Chinese mainland exceeds 85% as of Mon, displaying a month-long rise since Jan 26.

9:37 am Mar 3

Zhou Mingguang, a 32-year-old member of the auxiliary police in NE China's Heilongjiang Province, was killed in a traffic accident on Sunday. He had been working on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19.

9:24 am Mar 3

Beijing has reported zero new COVID-19 cases and six further recoveries in the last 24 hours. There are 14 new suspected cases and seven close contacts.

9:20 am Mar 3

South Korea reports 477 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 4,812.

9:13 am Mar 3

East China's Zhejiang Province reported seven new confirmed cases of COVID-19 from Italy on Tuesday. One imported case from Italy was reported yesterday.

8:47  am Mar 3

Almost 9 times new cases of #COVID19 reported outside China than inside China in the last 24 hours, the epidemic in S.Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan are of greatest concern: @DrTedros said at @WHO briefing on Monday.

8:10 am Mar 3

Hubei Province reported 114 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 2, with 31 new deaths and 2,410 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,217 with 36,167 recovered and 2,834 dead.

125 new coronavirus infections, 31 new deaths were reported on Mar 2 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,151 with 2,943 deaths.

4:13 pm Mar 2

A charter plane carrying five tons of medical equipment from the Czech Republic, including 43,000 masks and respirators and 6,800 sets of protective clothing, to help China combat COVID-19 landed in Beijing on Monday afternoon. Photos: Courtesy of the Czech Embassy in China

3:36 pm Mar 2

Coronavirus Update:
-Italy reports 1,694 infections, 50% daily hike
-South Korea 4,212 cases, 2nd after China
-2nd death in Washington state, US reports 35% rise in cases
-Indonesia reports first 2 infections
-WHO says fatality rate among critical ill exceeding 50%

3:04 pm Mar 2

Authorities in Hefei, East China's Anhui Province, Monday reported a COVID-19 case who showed no symptoms, leading to the quarantine of 177 people.

1:12 pm Mar 2

Chilean writer Luis Sepúlveda, 70, was confirmed with COVID-19 infection on Sunday in Spain after he returned from a literature event in Portugal. Spain reported 74 COVID-19 cases as of Sunday afternoon.

12:54 pm Mar 2

According to a WHO report issued on March 1, about 80% of COVID-19 patients display mild symptoms; 5% of infected cases belong to the segment of critically ill, and the fatality rate among this segment exceeds 50%. WHO says oxygen ventilators are crucial for them.

11:12 am Mar 2

The three hospitals in Wuhan under military management have treated 3,467 critically ill patients and cured 689 of them as of Sunday. Military hospitals across China and military medical teams sent to Wuhan have treated 4,450 COVID-19 patients and cured 1,000 of them.

11:10 am Mar 2

A hospital in East China's Zhejiang Province on Sun conducted the world's first lung transplant for an elderly COVID-19 patient.

10:43 am Mar 2

The recovery rate from COVID-19 patients in 31 provincial-level regions in China exceeds 55%, marking an 18-consecutive-day rise. The recovery rate outside Hubei rose to 82.84%.

10:41 am Mar 2

193! The number of new COVID-19 cases in Wuhan fell below 200 for the first time in 34 days. 196 new cases reported in Hubei Province in the last 24 hours, with 14 cities reporting zero new cases.

10:38 am Mar 2

Second death confirmed in the US, reports said, citing health officials, as @VP said in his latest interview with @CNN, "we could have more" coronavirus deaths in the US

10:24 am Mar 2

East China's Zhejiang Province lowered its epidemic emergency response level on Monday after more than 15 regions downgraded response level as combat against COVID-19 made visible progress.

10:09 am Mar 2

Yuan Yangyang, 36, a doctor in Central China's Henan Province, died as a result of coronavirus-related cardiac arrest early on Friday, after working for 39 consecutive days to fight against COVID-19.

10:03 am Mar 2

Beijing reported one new COVID-19 infection on Sun, bringing the total infection to 414, of which 25 were imported cases from other provinces and 2 from overseas: local health commission

9:59 am Mar 2

South Korea reports 476 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, lifting its total number to 4,212.

9:47 am Mar 2

A total of 75 passengers including 22 from South Korea were quarantined for observation on flight CA440 from Seoul to Chongqing on Sunday, as four passengers showed symptoms of fever. 

9:33 am Mar 2

East China's Zhejiang Province reported one imported case of COVID-19 from Italy on Monday. No other confirmed cases were reported in the province on the same day.

8:21 am Mar 2

Hubei Province reported 196 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 1, with 42 new deaths and 2,570 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,103 with 33,757 recovered and 2,803 dead.

202 new coronavirus infections, 42 new deaths were reported on Mar 1 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,026 with 2,912 deaths.

8:32 pm Mar 1

South Korean officials said that a number of members of Shincheongji Church, causing over 1,500 COVID-19 cases in S. Korea, visited Wuhan in January. The authorities will try to find out how many had been to the central Chinese city, epicenter of the virus.

7:36 pm Mar 1

Iran has reported 385 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, making the Middle East country's  total infected cases to 978. Among them, 54 died.

7:12 pm Mar 1

The first imported case of coronavirus infection was detected in Shenzhen. Media reported the patient came from London and went back to Shenzhen via Hong Kong. Before the case, the city had reported zero infections for 8 consecutive days.

6:30 pm Mar 1

No evidence to diagnose Pope Francis with anything other than being slightly unwell, Vatican spokesperson told the Global Times on Sunday, refuting rumors that he has contracted COVID-19

6:03 pm Mar 1

As of Saturday or February 29, 806 prison inmates in Wuhan were confirmed ill with the novel coronavirus.

5:54 pm Mar 1

COVID-19 Update, March 1:
- Iran: 43 dead, partial lockdown of Qom region
- USA: 1st death; state of emergency declared in Washington state
- Ireland, Qatar, Luxembourg, Armenia report 1st case 
- WHO: global risk raised to 'very high'

5:42 pm Mar 1

A makeshift hospital in Qiaokou district, Wuhan city, closed on March 1 after the last 34 patients were cured and discharged. It is the first makeshift hospital to close in the coronavirus-stricken city as the situation gradually improves.

4:08 pm Mar 1

China's National Immigration Administration said on Sunday that it is readjusting its work focus, by preventing overseas COVID-19 virus from importing into China, because coronavirus risks outside China have incrementally increased.

3:37 pm Mar 1

Nationwide recovery rates for COVID-19 patients reached 52.1 percent in the past week, indicating improving epidemic situation in Wuhan, Hubei and the whole country and relieving pressure on medical system.

3:06 pm Mar 1

Expats in Shanghai are included in a color-based QR code system designed to track people's health. Used as a permit for entering public venues, it catalogues a person's risk exposion level for COVID-19 as red, yellow or green colors, based on big data tech.

1:42 pm Mar 1

As of Feb 24, at least nine medics have reportedly passed away during the epidemic with COVID-19 infection, all aged between 29-63 years. Another 11 have died from other causes including overwork and heart failure.

1:36 pm Mar 1

Thailand reports first coronavirus death on Sunday, according to health official

12:25 pm Mar 1

Australia recorded it's first COVID-19 fatality after a man from Perth, Western Australia died in hospital overnight.

11:11 am Mar 1

Beijing reported two imported cases of COVID-19 infection from abroad on Sunday, taking total cases in the capital to 413 with eight fatalities.
The 2 new confirmed cases in Beijing on Sat were both imported cases. They were close contacts with a COVID-19 patient from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region when they all stayed in Iran.

11:09 am Mar 1

A Chinese medical team led by Chen Jingyu in Jiangsu Province successfully performed on Saturday the world's first double lung transplant for a 59-year-old COVID-19 patient. The pair of lungs were donated by a brain-dead patient in another province.

10:52 am Mar 1

There are in total 79,968 confirmed COVID-19 infected patients by March 1, 2020, of whom 2,873 have died in the Chinese mainland. The lethality of the diease, or the fatality rate of the novel coronavirus has risen to 3.59%.

10:48 am Mar 1

Zhong Jinxing, 32, a doctor in South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, passed away on Friday after having worked consecutively for 33 days on the frontline against the COVID-19 epidemic. He died from overwork.

9:44 am Mar 1

South Korea reported 376 new cases of coronavirus Sunday, bringing the total number of infections to 3,526.

9:40 am Mar 1

RIP. Jiang Xueqing, 55, doctor at the Wuhan Central Hospital, died of COVID-19 on Sunday.

8:43 am Mar 1

More than 1,000 people infected with COVID-19 were cured and discharged from hospital for 18 consecutive days.

7:40 am Mar 1

Hubei Province reported 570 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Feb 29, with 34 new deaths and 2,292 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 66,907 with 31,187 recovered and 2,761 dead.

573 new coronavirus infections, 35 new deaths were reported on Feb 29 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 79,824 with 2,870 deaths.

11:27 pm Feb 29

China to donate 5,000 protective outfits and 100,000 masks to Japan to confront the COVID-19 epidemic: Chinese embassy in Japan

11:15 pm Feb 29

Qatar has just confirmed its first case of COVID-19, a Qatar citizen recently back from Iran.

8:15 pm Feb 29

Japan to take all measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in the country, Shinzo Abe said at a press conference, with the second round of emergency countermeasures to be developed in about ten days and a budget of more than 270 billion yen ($2.49 billion).

8:05 pm Feb 29

Macao SAR govt will send a chartered plane next weekend to pick up Macao residents in Hubei Province not infected by COVID-19. The move is supported by the Chinese central govt. 163 Macao residents are in Hubei.

7:15 pm Feb 29

Hubei released a risk assessment of COVID-19 Sat. All 103 county-level regions are categorized into 3 risk levels: regions with no confirmed or new cases for 14 days placed in low-risk level; regions with over 50 cases, some caused by gathering in last 14 days marked high-risk.

06:15 pm Feb 29

Iran reports 205 new cases of COVID19 and 9 deaths in the last 24 hours, amounting to 593 total confirmed cases and 43 deaths.

05:19 pm Feb 29

Beijing Children's Hospital said they have received 191 children with fever since the coronavirus outbreak. One is confirmed with COVID19, and 26 are under suspicion

05:16 pm Feb 29

Japan's number of  COVID19 rises to 945 as of Sat afternoon,  including 705 people on the dimondprincess, with 11 deaths.

04:54 pm Feb 29

No companies, organizations, or individuals in Beijing are allowed to pick up people from Hubei Province and fetch Hubei residents from other regions, especially COVID19 patients and suspects: Beijing municipal govt.

04:37 pm Feb 29

As of Friday, Beijing reported 271 total cases of recovery from COVID19, accounting for 65.9% of the 411 total infections. 8 deaths so far in the city, making the rate of fatality 1.9%.

04:15 pm Feb 29

South Korea reports 813 new cases of #COVID19 in the past 24 hours until 4 pm Sat, raising the total number to 3,150 infections and 17 deaths.

03:35 pm Feb 29

Breath training, psychotherapy, aerobic training, daily functional training are provided to COVID19 patients to help with rehabilitation: NHC expert.

Healthy people are not recommended to take traditional Chinese medicine for the sake of COVID19 prevention: NHC expert

03:27 pm Feb 29

The city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province will quarantine foreigners from countries seriously affected by COVID19, providing services ranging from health, language and law, besides collecting information and travel history.

02:59 pm Feb 29

If countries are implementing additional health measures that significantly interfere with international traffic, they shall notify WHOwithin 48 hours of the public health rationale, said WHO, citing International Health Regulations.

02:53 pm Feb 29

China's Supreme People's Procuratorate published six criminal cases involving wild animals, vowing to strengthen handling cases involving wild animals, amid the unprecedented national consensus to stop wildlife consumption for COVID19 fight.

02:51 pm Feb 29

Ministry of Education announced the postponement of the postgraduate entrance exam for students of the HongKong SAR, Macao SAR, and the island of Taiwan. The future arrangement depends on the epidemic situation. COVID19

02:38 pm Feb 29

Tokyo Skytree, the city's landmark also the world's tallest tower at 634 meters, said it will temporarily close from Mar 1-15 amid coronavirus fears

02:25 pm Feb 29

New weapon to detect COVID19! The first batch of Beijing-produced nucleic acid kit for vitro tests released in the market. Test results can be obtained within 90 minutes after sampling: Beijing Medical Products Administration.

02:11 pm Feb 29

Some COVID19 vaccines could be used urgently under specific conditions as early as April this year, Chinese researchers told Premier Li Keqiang.

02:03 pm Feb 29

The Wuhan Marathon previously scheduled on April 12 has been postponed due to COVID19.  No specific date has been given, but will most likely be held in the second half of the year.

02:02 pm Feb 29

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security made public online platforms of 208 cities at the service of work resumption, allowing “none face-to-face” applications for companies amid the COVID19.

01: 26 pm Feb 29

Another person in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region who just came back from Iran via Moscow was tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, the second such case reported within a week.

11:42 am Feb 29

Game Developers Conference has been postponed by its organizers due to the coronavirus outbreak. Originally scheduled in San Francisco in March, the mega event for game programmers and designers is likely to take place in the summers: organizers.

11:34 am Feb 29

Starting Saturday noon, travelers who have visited Italy and Iran 14 days prior to their entry to Macao shall undergo a 14-day quarantine medical observation at a designated point: Macao SAR on novel coronavirus COVID19

11:09 am Feb 29

Beijing reports one new COVID19 case on Friday, and the patient involved had close contact with another confirmed case.

10:42 am Feb 29

A SouthKorean prison inmate was confirmed with COVID19 infection on Saturday, a first in the country: Yonhap.

10:28 am Feb 29

Good news! With 39,002 COVID19 recovery cases, the tally surpasses the total 37,414 confirmed cases as of Friday end, for the first time in the Chinese mainland: NHC.

9:56 am Feb 29

594 new cases of COVID19 have been confirmed in South Korea from 4 pm Friday to 9 am Saturday, taking the total number of infections to 2,931 in the country, said local disease administration authorities: Yonhap News Agency

9:49 am Feb 29

A number of investment banks issued global travel restrictions. JPMorgan issued a ban on non-essential travel on Thu. GoldmanSachs, Citigroup, CreditSuisse, BNPParibas, DeutscheBank and other investment banks have restricted travel to Italy.

9:28 am Feb 29

As of Friday, for three consecutive days, new confirmed COVID19 cases discovered daily outside China outnumbered the number in China: WHO

9:09 am Feb 29

China’s manufacturing PMI declined to 35.7% in Feb due to coronavirus, down 14.3 percentage points than Jan: NBS.

8:33 am Feb 29

427 new coronavirus infections, 47 new deaths were reported on Feb 28 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 79,251, with 2,835 deaths.

Hubei Province reported 423 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Feb 28, with 45 new deaths and 2,492cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 66,337, with 28,895 recovered and 2,727 dead.

7:03 am Feb 29

Wuhan's 16 makeshift hospitals provide 12,000 beds for COVID19 patients. The daily number of newly recovered patients now greatly exceeds that of newly confirmed cases. The goal is to achieve zero new deaths, infections or returning cases: Chinese health official.

6:25 pm Feb 28

The rapid rising trend of COVID19 in the epicenter Wuhan has been contained as the number of new daily confirmed cases in Wuhan continue to drop: Chinese health official.

5:50 pm Feb 28

Authorities in Hokkaido, Japan declared a state of emergency, calling on local residents to stay at home over the weekend.

4:25 pm Feb 28

SouthKorea reports 315 more new cases of #coronavirus between 9 am and 4 pm Friday, now totalling 2,337: Yonhap

4:20 pm Feb 28

Mongolia's President Khaltmaa Battulga and other government officials will undergo a 14-day quarantine after returning home from their visit to China, the Montsame news agency reported on Friday.

3:56 pm Feb 28

Majority of the passengers flying to China from SouthKorea since the outbreak of COVID19 are Chinese nationals in South Korea: Chinese FM said, refuting claims that South Koreans are flying to China to seek refuge.

3:45 pm Feb 28

Hyundai Motors shuts down a factory with 4,000 employees in South Korea after a worker tests positive for COVID-19

3:12 pm Feb 28

Wang Wenjie, deputy director of E. China's Shandong Provincial prison management bureau was dismissed on Friday. Earlier reports said infection clusters occurred in local prisons, exposing serious mismanagement in curbing COVID-19 outbreak.

3:03 pm Feb 28

#Belarus registered its first case of #coronavirus infection in the country: TASS news agency.

2:39 pm Feb 28

NewZealand confirmed its first coronavirus case Friday, saying a recent arrival from Iran who traveled to Auckland via Bali had tested positive.

1:43 pm Feb 28

A total of 14 confirmed HK coronavirus patients visited or are connected with patients who were at the Fook Wai Ching She temple in Hong Kong: HK officials. Media reports said samples of Buddhist scriptures & kneel pads from the temple tested positive for COVID-19

01:34 pm Feb 28

The first confirmed COVID19 case in #Jiangsu's Xuzhou again tested positive after his discharge from hospital two weeks prior. His young daughter also tested positive after recovery. The two have again been hospitalized.

01:32 pm Feb 28

Regular medicinal treatment on a 50-year-old confirmed Chinese COVID19 asymptomatic female patient showed no effect after 20 days, but has caused her mild liver damage instead: research paper.

12:23 pm Feb 28

1st autopsy report of COVID-19 victim revealed: lesion of the disease concentrated on lung, no sufficient evidence to show that other organs were affected.

12:09 pm Feb 28

Tokyo Disneylandand DisneySea announced that their parks will be temporarily closed from February 29 to March 15 amid the COVID19. The opening date is scheduled on March 16.
12:08 pm Feb 28

Lithuania reports its first case of COVID19. The country declared a state of emergency on Wed as a preventative measure against the spread of the novel coronavirus: reports

11:09 am Feb 28

China will recruit 189,000 more postgraduates and 322,000 undergraduates this year to tackle the COVID19 epidemic, prioritizing areas like preventive medicine, emergency management, public health and old-age services, which will see surging demand in the near future.

10:52 am Feb 28

The Ministry of Education is closely observing the epidemic situation and discussing with experts to make plans ensuring the health and safety of examinees & teachers that take part in this year's national college entrance exam gaokao.

10:43 am Feb 28

Chinese migrantworkers have been hugely affected by the COVID19 epidemic. Supportive measures have been taken, including the arrangement of buses and trains to return people to work, opening online recruitment fairs and anti-epidemic work recruitment.

10:37 am Feb 28

Nigeria reported first confirmed case of COVID-19, first in sub-Saharan Africa. The patient is an Italian citizen working in Nigeria and returned to Lagos from Milan on February 25.

10:35 am Feb 28

WHO Director-General DrTedrosAdhanom Ghebreyesus said in Geneva on Thursday (local time) that the COVID19 spread outside of China is of great concern.

9:41 am Feb 28

Chairman of board of Beijing-based pharmacy chain Kangbaixin was detained by police for allegedly selling 580,000 counterfeit protective masks, mounting to more than 4.3 million yuan ($613,882) amid COVID19: reports

9:16 am Feb 28

SouthKorea reported 256 more coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of the infections to 2,022, Yonhap News Agency reported on Friday.

8:53 am Feb 28

Facebook has cancelled its F8 developer conference, scheduled to take place in May, over concerns about COVID19. Microsoft reportedly also decided to pull out of the Game Developers Conference 2020 in San Francisco due to similar concerns

7:55 am Feb 28

327 new coronavirus infections, 44 new deaths were reported on Feb 27 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 78,824, with 2,788 deaths.

Hubei Province reported 318 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Feb 27, with 41 new deaths and 3,203 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 65,914, with 26,403 recovered and 2,682 dead.

11:02 pm Feb 27

Chinese Embassy in South Korea provided 25,000 masks on Thursday to Daegu, as COVID-19 infection cases rise in the South Korean city.

10: 53 pm Feb 27

Former Iranian Ambassador to Vatican died of COVID-19 infection.

10:16 pm Feb 27

Iran's Vice President for Women and Family Affairs Masoumeh Ebtekar has tested positive for the coronavirus, according to state media outlet IRNA.

9:29 pm Feb 27

By principle, prisons and detention houses in Hubei are entry-only: provincial Party chief

7:27 pm Feb 27

The central government has announced to continue postponing the opening time for all schools in the country.

6:18 pm Feb 27

Macao SAR will reopen all entertainment premises on Monday.The city has reported no new COVID-19 case for 23 consecutive days.

6:08 pm Feb 27

Japan just announced suspension of classes in all schools across the country, effective from March 2 to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.

4:52 pm Feb 27

Beijing bans the entry of all the returnees from Central China's Hubei where coronavirus epicenter Wuhan is located, deputy general secretary of Beijing Municipality Government Chen Bei said, according to Beijing News

12:00 pm Feb 27

Beijing urged to enhance management among service staff including logistics, security, cleaners. A latest cluster of infections in an office building has led to 178 people quarantined: Beijing CDC

11:59 am Feb 27

All crew members in Hengdian World Studios, Zhejiang Province,  China's Hollywood equivalent, have to pass strict COVID-19 screening before being allowed to resume shooting. Only after obtaining a full score, they can return to work.

11:53 am Feb 27

Beijing authority announced to dispatch CPC members and officials from major enterprises and institutions to oversee all the communities implement a 24-hour inspection.

11:30 am Feb 27

The COVID-19 outbreak first appeared in China, which does not necessarily mean the virus originate in China: Chinese top respiratory specialist Zhong Nanshan

10:47 am Feb 27

Health authorities in Huanggang, Hubei Province announced on Wed that pregnant medical staff would be sent to rest at home amid COVID-19 epidemic.

10:33 am Feb 27

Beijing reported 10 new cases of COVID-19 infections on Wednesday: local health authority

10:27 am Feb 27

A woman in North China's Shanxi Province tested positive for coronavirus pneumonia 16 days after she walked past another now confirmed infected patient in a hospital.

10:15 am Feb 27

South Korea reported 334 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Thursday. The latest cases brought the total number of confirmed infections in the country to 1,595.

10:06 am Feb 27

New COVID-19 cases in China excluding Hubei rebounded on Wednesday, surging from five new cases reported on Tuesday to 24, official data shows.

9:56 am Feb 27

Qianjiang, a city in Central China’s Hubei, announced that it would reward 10,000 yuan ($1,420) to residents who report cases of fever which are later confirmed to be cases of COVID-19 : reports

9:17 am Feb 27

433 new coronavirus infections, 29 new deaths were reported on Feb 26 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 78,497, with 2,744 deaths.

Hubei Province reported 409 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Feb 26, with 26 new deaths and 2,288 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 65,596 with 23,200 recovered and 2,641 dead.

1:01 am Feb 27

Hubei authorities launched a thorough investigation on Wednesday night after a COVID-19 patient was reported to have left Hubei and arrived in Beijing amid supposed strict traffic control in Hubei.

Chinese central government sent an investigation team to Wuhan for the issue. The patient was confirmed to be a released prisoner.

11:41 pm Feb 26

Beijing authority Wednesday requires audience to register name, address, phone number and ID number when booking tickets after cinemas resume work.

10:15 pm Feb 26

Brazil confirms first novel coronavirus case. Update 7 a.m. EST Feb. 26:  South America has confirmed its first novel coronavirus case, making Antarctica the only continent remaining untouched by the fast-spreading contagion, Reuters reported. The patient is a 61-year-old being treated at a Sao Paulo hospital in Brazil after visiting Italy.

8:52 pm Feb 26

Zhongwei, Northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, discovered a confirmed case of COVID-19 infection from overseas, and the city is seeking people who had close contact with the patient. The patient took a flight from Iran on Feb 19, transferred in Moscow on Feb 20, and arrived in Shanghai on Feb 22.

8:48 pm Feb 26

A total of 404 police officers have been confirmed with COVID-19 in #Hubei Province. Among them, four have died.

8:13 pm Feb 26

More new daily COVID-19 cases outside China than inside: WHO

7:55 pm Feb 26

Greece confirms its first coronavirus case. the 38-year-old female has been to Italy recently.

7:34 pm Feb 26

More dormitories in Hubei University will be used by Wuhan COVID-19 Prevention & Control Command, after refurbishment to be quarantine sites for healing patients who will be discharged from local hospitals. They are now required to undergo 14-day isolation.

7:30 pm Feb 26

Top CPC leaders including Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, donated money to support the prevention and control work of the COVID-19 outbreak.

7:14 pm Feb 26

First French citizen died of COVID-19

7:12 pm Feb 26

China can now produce 1.07 million N95 face masks a day, which is 4.7 times the production volume on February 1. From February 1 to 26, some 3 billion N95 masks have been shipped to Hubei Province, the epicenter of the deadly disease.

6:31 pm Feb 26

Suzhou Industrial Park in E China’s Jiangsu refutes a rumor that claimed a foreign national in the park was diagnosed with COVID-19 infection. A local official said that no confirmed new novel coronavirus case was reported in the industrial park for 19 consecutive days.

6:11 pm Feb 26

One coronavirus patient, reportedly the earliest COVID-19 case in Wuhan city, the epicenter, denied that he had been to the infamous Huanan seafood market, where the novel coronavirus is alleged to have originated. 

6:10 pm Feb 26

Beijing has discovered a COVID-19 patient arriving from Wuhan. The woman was reportedly just released from prison and diagnosed in Wuhan. The public questions how she managed to leave Wuhan since the city has been locked down for a month.

5:27 pm Feb 26

Several South Korean firms in East China’s Qingdao, a popular destination for South Koreans, said Wed they have started manufacturing, with no impact from the city’s stricter coronavirus prevention policies.

4:58 pm Feb 26

All foreigners who fly in to Beijing must go through a 14-day self-quarantine, according to Beijing municipal authority.

4:36 pm Feb 26

Stranded Chinese group travelers have dropped to less than 100 people by Tuesday, from 250,000 on Jan 24 after China called off group travel services by travel agencies and online travel platforms due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

4:03 pm Feb 26

Some of China's national qualifying contests to decide entries for the Tokyo Olympic Games are expected to be delayed due to COVID-19 outbreak : General Administration of Sport

3:49 pm Feb 26

No confirmed COVID-19 cases reported among expats so far in Shanghai: a Shanghai govt official

3:28 pm Feb 26

A total of $40.1 million in quality assurance deposits have been returned to 671 travel agencies in Shanghai to help them overcome difficulties during the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control period. In all, 1,400 agencies are expected to benefit from the policy.

3:25 pm Feb 26

Yantai, a coastal city in E. China's Shandong where many South Koreans do business and live, said it will carry out nucleic acid test on all entrants from abroad to curb imported cases of infection amid COVID-19 outbreak in more countries.

3:11 pm Feb 26

Beijing financial authorities to require banks to disinfect cash, putting it in a dry place for more than seven days before issuing banknotes again as part of efforts to contain COVID-19 spread.

12:46 pm Feb 

As of Wednesday noon, 13 provinces had lowered their emergency response levels for COVID-19 as more positive signs emerged in combating the deadly virus. Outside Hubei, no deaths were reported on Wednesday morning, which was the first time in 23 days.

12:25 pm Feb 26

Tourist attractions across China should adopt a real-name ticket purchasing policy to learn visitors' travel history and contact information amid coronavirus outbreak: culture and tourism authority

11:56 am Feb 26

After 14 % of recovered COVID-19 patients tested positive for the virus in later checkups in Guangdong, concerns raising whether recovered patients can still infect others, local authorities said it needs further testing to determine if they become a source of infection again

11:25 am Feb 26

No new COVID19-related deaths reported outside Hubei, the first time in 23 days

11:15 am Feb 26

South China's Shenzhen bans dogs, snakes, birds and turtles from consumption amid COVID-19. The city issued a blacklist and whitelist of what animals can be consumed on Wednesday. Diners and restaurants violating the rules can be fined 20,000 yuan ($2,800) to 200,000 yuan.

11:10 am Feb 26

To avoid crowding and to prevent COVID-19 infection, authorities in Beijing require supermarkets to set a maximum customer capacity strictly in accordance with the standard that each customer should have a space of  no less than 2 square meters.

10:57 am Feb 26

China severe punishes crimes of hoarding and bullying the market, producing medical products of poor quality and highway bullies while carefully confiscating firms’ materials or detaining firm chiefs if law violation was minor to guarantee the resumption of work amid COVID-19

10:25 am Feb 26

49 police officers and auxiliary policemen have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty since the COVID-19 epidemic began: official 

10:13 am Feb 26

Brazil is investigating what could be its first case of COVID-19, also the first in South America. In the state of São Paulo, a 61-year-old patient who reportedly returned from a trip to Italy tested positive and now awaits the results of a second test.

9:43 am Feb 26

Hubei Province reported 401 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Feb 25, with 52 new deaths and 2,058 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 65,187 with 20,912 recovered and 2,615 dead.

406 new coronavirus infections, 52 new deaths were reported on Feb 26 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 78,064, with 2,715 deaths.

11:39 pm Feb 25

First COVID19 infection in Switzerland reported in Italian-speaking area of canton Ticino.

9:50 pm Feb 25

The Iranian Embassy in China confirmed with GT on Tuesday that news about the resignation of Iran's Health Minister is fake following media reports that the country's deputy health minister had tested positive for coronavirus.

6:18 pm Feb 25

National Medical Products Administration said all vaccines must undergo clinical tests, in response to a Tianjin University announcement claiming they had successfully developed a vaccine for COVID19.

5:06 pm Feb 25

All visitors, foreigners and Chinese, departing from Japan and South Korea will be sent to hotels for a 14-day mandatory quarantine starting from Tue. when they arrive in Weihai of East China's Shandong in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19.  

4:43 pm Feb 25

Chinese FM confirmed Tue that one of the three WSJ journalists whose press credentials were revoked last week, is in COVID-19 epicenter Wuhan. Therefore, out of humanitarian consideration, the journalist has been allowed to stay until the situation is feasible to leave China.

4:01 pm Feb 25

A total of 21 foreign investment projects, worth over $1.7 billion have been signed in the Pudong New Area, Shanghai on Tue despite the COVID-19 outbreak, involving automotive aftermarket services, medical devices, intelligent manufacturing, asset management, and other areas.

3:45 pm Feb 25

China's top economic planner called on authorities at county levels, outside Hubei & Beijing, to conduct a detailed COVID-19 risk assessment & categorize them in high, medium, low to resume production. They are asked to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach.

3:36 pm Feb 25

Cutting-edge tech to combat COVID-19 virus. 3D-printed protective gear, developed by Beijing University of Chemical Technology, has reportedly been produced to combat the disease, and it is expected to aid in realizing mass production.

3:11 pm Feb 25

South Korea vows to test 200,000 sect members as a wild coronavirus outbreak fear hit the country. The Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the sect, has agreed to provide the authorities with the names of all its members in the country.

2:41 pm Feb 25

East China's Anhui, downgraded its  COVID-19 emergency response level from the highest to the second level, becoming the seventh region to lower its emergency level in recent days, indicating visible results from the prevention and control work.

2:33 pm Feb 25

Japanese nationals are advised to return to homeland asap, and to delay their journeys to China, preventing transmission between the two countries, the Japanese Embassy in Beijing told the Global Times Tuesday. Japan has confirmed over 850 infections

2:24 pm Feb 25

HKSAR govt confirms all schools in the city to remain shut until after April 20 amid COVID-19 outbreak: reports

2:19 pm Feb 25

HKSAR govt issues quarantine orders on Tue for HK residents returning from South Korea's Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do in the past 14 days, ordering them to stay in quarantine centers. Residents returning from other regions of S Korea, to undergo 14-day medical surveillance.

12:33 pm Feb 25

Strictest control of personnel outflow continues in COVID-19 epicenter Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province, the National Health Commission announced Tuesday.

12:26 pm Feb 25

A 56-year-old woman in SW China's Sichuan Province was confirmed with novel coronavirus infection Monday. She tested negative eight times in nucleic acid diagnosis.

12:05 pm Feb 25

A fourth death, a Japanese passenger of the Diamond Princess who was in his 80s, was confirmed Tuesday. It is not yet known if he was infected with COVID-19: ANN

11:59 am Feb 25

Hubei Provincial Party Committee posthumously honored doctor Liu Zhiming, the first hospital director, who passed away amid COVID-19 battle, as outstanding CPC Party member.

11:45 am Feb 25

World Table Tennis Championships, originally scheduled in Busan, South Korea from March 22-29, have been postponed and rescheduled to June 21-28 amid the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

11:25 am Feb 25

US drugmaker Gilead applied for 8 patents in China, of which three have been approved as the firm is conducting clinical trials for COVID-19 treatment. 
@WHO experts said Mon night Gilead's Remdesivir might be the only effective pharmaceutical measure to combat coronavirus.

10:50 am Feb 25

Starting from Monday, Qingdao has arranged designated vehicles to shuttle all foreign visitors arriving in the city, to their homes, except those requiring quarantine or observation. Designated hotels will be arranged for visitors on short-term trips or business travels

10:37 am Feb 25

Hunchun, a city bordering China and North Korea in northeast China’s Jilin, imposes 14-day mandatory quarantine for all foreign returnees to the city amid COVID-19 outbreak. Designated quarantine zones will be arranged for those without a permanent residence.

10:35 am Feb 25

About 60% of Chinese firms face operational difficulties due to the novel coronavirus. 6% of them face bankruptcy and 20% see a temporary suspension. Just 5% see no obvious impact from COVID-19: survey

10:10 am Feb 25

Chinese stocks sink following global market nosedive! The benchmark Shanghai market was down 1.62%  and Shenzhen had fallen 1.99 % at opening, after global markets saw some of the sharpest overnight falls in years, reportedly due to the spreading of coronavirus

10:01 am Feb 25

"He was overwrought for preparing for the election," Consul general of Slovakia in Shanghai refutes reports that claimed Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini is infected with the COVID-19: reports.

9:58 am Feb 25

The local COVID-19 prevention and control authority of Jiang'an District in Wuhan said  the rumor that “120 elderly were infected in a nursing home” is untrue. It said in fact 8 people had tested positive and have been sent to hospital for treatment.

9:50 am Feb 25

Tianjin University has successfully developed an oral vaccine to protest against COVID-19. Huang Jinhai, the professor who led the project, has taken four doses without any side effects. The team is now looking for partners to promote clinical trials

9:43 am Feb 25

The National Development and Reform Commission will ensure supplies of daily necessities in Hubei, guarantee daily supplies for 30 days are stored in the province. Another 10,000 tons of pork from China’s National reserves will be sent to Hubei.

8:43 am Feb 25

508 new coronavirus infections, 71 new deaths were reported on Feb 24 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 77,658, with 2,663 deaths.

Hubei Province reported 499 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Feb 24, with 68 new deaths and 2,116 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 64,786 with 18,854 recovered and 2,563 dead.

8:34 pm Feb 24

The WHO's conclusion: China is restoring economic and social order while continuing epidemic control. In some major cities, restrictions should be lifted progressively: WHO-China Joint Mission

8:32 pm Feb 24

Changes Bruce Aylward from WHO-China Joint Mission sees: 
1 Wuhan hospitals see growing space to treat patients 
2 A clinic Aylward visited, for example, saw patients with fever dropping from its peak of 46,000 to 13,000 
3 Overall numbers of infections in China are dropping

8:31 pm Feb 24

More than 90 percent of the 3,387 medics who contracted COVID-19 in China came from Hubei Province

8:24 pm Feb 24

The possibility for recovered patients to be re-infected with the COVID-19 is very slim: Zhong Nanshan, top Chinese epidemiologist

8:08 pm Feb 24

There are now 3,000 medical staff infected with COVID-19 nationwide. Most of medical staff infections are in Wuhan due to lack of understanding of COVID-19 and lack of protective supplies in the beginning: Liang

COVID-19 infection of different severity, according to WHO
80% -- milder
about 13% -- severe
about 6% -- critical

7:56 pm Feb 24

A major finding on the coronavirus itself: coronavirus has not significantly mutated. The animal host has not been confirmed, a bat or a pangolin could be the host: Liang Wannian, Chinese expert of WHO-China Mission on COVID-19

1-5% of close contacts with coronavirus patients were later confirmed to be infected as survey showed: WHO-China Mission on COVID-19 study

5:41 pm Feb 24

On Monday, Japan confirmed 844 cases of COVID-19, including 691 from Diamond Princess cruise ship. Two other staff members of Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare who dealt with the cruise ship issue, are among the confirmed new infections: NHK

5:10 pm Feb 24

Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued an advisory on Monday, asking Chinese tourists not to travel to the US for safety reasons. The ministry cited the US' unfair treatment to Chinese tourists, due to its overreaction to the epidemic and the US domestic security situation. 

5:07 pm Feb 24

China's top political advisory body the CPPCC suggests postponing its annual session scheduled to start on March 3, in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

4:32 pm Feb 24

China's top legislature approves postponement of annual legislative session, thorough ban on illegal wildlife trade

4:25 pmFeb 24

Pudong New Area of Shanghai will reduce over 1bn yuan in rent for enterprise tenants amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The policy will cover about 8,000 enterprises. Some centrally administered SOEs, private & #foreign firms said they would cut rents to help SMEs: Shanghai official

4:01 pm Feb 24

Afghanistan confirms the first case of coronavirus: agencies

3:54 pm Feb 24

North Korea has quarantined nearly 380 foreigners across the country, and the Pyongyang Marathon scheduled in April is canceled amid the COVID-19 outbreak, although no case of infection has been reported in North Korea as of yet: reports

3:51 pm Feb 24

Wuhan retracts lockdown exemption announcement, saying it was released before final approval of the epidemic control command office

3:04 pm Feb 24

S.Korea postpones the start of K-league football season over virus outbreak: KFA

2:58 pm Feb 24

By February 13, 12 new projects worth of 20 billion yuan were signed online at Lingang New Area of Shanghai amid COVID-19 outbreak, Shanghai official said Mon. More 5G, 3rd generation semiconductor and AI projects are under negotiation. 

2:35 pm Feb 24

The first case of COVID-19 is reported in Bahrain, the state news agency said on Monday, citing the health ministry. The patient is a Bahraini national who traveled back from Iran.

2:33 pm Feb 24

Kuwait reports 3 cases of novel coronavirus among people who have traveled to Iran, according to state news agency Kuna 

2:17 pm Feb 24

China's Ministry of Commerce has called on other WTO members to remove "unnecessary restrictive measures" that were imposed on China, as a significant majority of Chinese provinces and cities have made marked progress in containing COVID-19.

2:05 pm Feb 24

Wuhan city, the widely-believed source of the novel coronavirus epidemic or COVID-19, made a decision Monday to allow city residents not infected with the virus to exit for urgent operations in other cities.

12:24 pm Feb 24

6 Hubei cities, including Huanggang & Jingzhou, reported zero confirmed new COVID-19 cases on Sunday. The cases of COVID-19 in prisons were also included in the city-level report.

12:08 pm Feb 24

Wuhan has eased lockdown by allowing stranded personnel to leave the city, if not under medical observation or quarantine. Wuhan dwellers and vehicles from outside the city could return after following necessary procedures.

12:00 pm Feb 24

24 provincial-level regions across China report zero new cases of COVID-19 infection on Monday.

11:19 am Feb 24

Priority is given to children of COVID-19 medical staff in the recruitment process for more than 3,000 jobs in China's top 500 enterprises, following an initiative put forward by the Business Federation of Hubei Province.

11:16 am Feb 24

Expanding employment will be given priority in China’s economic development amid COVID-19 outbreak. While policies are being implemented to support small- and micro-firms, innovation will be encouraged to increase jobs:  Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

11:12 am Feb 24

The draft law on imposing a blanket ban on illegal wildlife trade was submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for deliberation Mon.

10: 50 am Feb 24

Hubei Province reported 398 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Feb 23, with 149 new deaths and 1,439 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 64,287 with 16,738 recovered and 2,495 dead.

409 new coronavirus infections, 150 new deaths were reported on Feb 23 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 77,150, with 2,592 deaths.

10:47 am Feb 24

China’s face masks production capacity reached 110.3%, and a total of 570 million face masks were produced during the past 20 days: Cong Liang, an official with National Development and Reform Commission

10:45 am Feb 24

Business resumption rate in E China's Zhejiang Province reached 90%, while in other key provinces like Jiangsu & Guangdong it is over 70%, as China’s large-scale enterprises ramp up efforts to resume operations: National Development & Reform Commission 

10:34 am Feb 24

The local government of Huangshi in Hubei Province made public the phone numbers of 110 cadres on Sunday in a bid to elevate public supervision and information transparency amid the COVID-19 epidemic.

10:24 am Feb 24

The General Administration of Customs will accelerate negotiations on market access for food and agricultural products to ensure a steady supply and stable prices in China amid COVID-19.

10:18 am Feb 24

China-WHO joint expert group visited Wuhan Tongji Hospital, a Fang Cang makeshift hospital, and provincial CDC to learn more about COVID-19 prevention and control work: National Health Commission

10:01 am Feb 24

The Tibet Autonomous Region has not reported any new confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case for 25 consecutive days. There are zero confirmed cases in Tibet at present.

9:58 am Feb 24

Guizhou Province on Monday adjusted its COVID-19 emergency response level from a first-level public health emergency to third-level.

9:53 am Feb 24

China's General Administration of Customs vowed to enhance joint efforts with various departments to crack down on wild animal trafficking. The novel coronavirus, based on current research, originated from bats and was transferred to humans.

9:50 am Feb 24

S. China's Guangdong Province has adjusted its emergency response level for the prevention and control of COVID-19 from a first-level to second-level. Five other provinces have recently lowered their levels.

9:47 am Feb 24

Zhumadian in Central China's Henan Province cut the minimum down payment from 30% to 20% on Friday in a move to stabilize its property market amid the coronavirus outbreak. It is the first Chinese city to do so.

9:25 am Feb 24

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan urges Hubei Province and Wuhan government to enforce stricter measures to protect children and the elderly amid COVID-19 control efforts, including green channels.

9:05 am Feb 24

Epidemic center Hubei Province decides to promote four cadres with outstanding performance amid COVID-19, to inspire more officials especially Party members to fight against coronavirus.

8:57 am Feb 24

No cases of COVID-19 infection were reported in #Beijing on Sunday. The city reported 30 new suspected cases while 9 patients were cured and discharged from hospital.

8:30 am Feb 24

"The whole city is behind you." Government of Shanghai sends a letter of consolation to its 1,640 medical staff in Hubei fighting against coronavirus on Monday. Shanghai reported no new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday.

5:00 pm Feb 23

By 5:30pm Sunday (UCT+9), Japan reported 773 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 634 cases from the Diamond Princess cruise ship and four other new infections: NHK

4:58 pm Feb 23

Several civil servants were reprimanded after large crowds of people drank tea gathering at public places on Friday in Guangyuan city of SW China's Sichuan Province. The spread of COVID-19 has not yet been subdued, raising fears of continuous infection.

4:35 pm Feb 23

Shanghai Stock Exchange launches online listing ceremony amid virus attack; Wuhan-based snack brand Bestore will be the first to debut through an online ceremony on Monday coronavirus 

4:30 pm Feb 23

South Korea reported 46 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday bringing the total number to 602: South Korea's CDC

4:05 pm Feb 23

Negative impacts from the novel #coronavirus on China's coal output has been basically eliminated. Coal production capacity in operation was 3.17 billion tons by Saturday, with the resumption rate at 76.5%: China's National Energy Administration COVID-19

3:41 pm Feb 23

South Korea raises the COVID-19 alert to the highest level after at least four deaths were reported in the country due to the virus.

3:16 pm Feb 23

Shanghai just launched a pilot project to include qualified online health-care providers into the city's medical insurance scheme. Patients will obtain the same reimbursement as their peers seeking offline hospital treatment, amid coronavirus outbreak: official

3:03 pm Feb 23

R.I.P Xia Sisi, a 29-year-old doctor from gastroenterology department at Wuhan Caidian district People's Hospital, died of COVID-19 on Sunday.

2:48 pm Feb 23

Shanghai employees unable to pay home loans on time due to the coronavirus will not be counted as loan defaults from Feb to Jun: officials from Shanghai Housing Provident Fund 

2:03 pm Feb 23

The likelihood of Israeli citizens being infected with the COVID-19 has "risen significantly," said Health Ministry Director-General Moshe Bar Siman Tov on Sat, after 9 S.Koreans tested positive for coronavirus after a visit to Israel.

1:47 pm Feb 23

Italy implemented city-wide lockdown measures in the northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto amid growing fears of COVID-19 spreading: reports

1:33 pm Feb 23

Former deputy MD of IMF Zhu Min: Shrinking consumption may shave off 3-4 percentage points of China's Q1 GDP growth due to COVID-19. Online retail consumption is expected to drop 17% y-o-y, catering services 60% between Jan & Feb. Consumption will rebound, but effort is needed.

1:25 pm Feb 23

Wartime management measures were implemented by SW China's Sichuan and NE China's Heilongjiang provinces in prisons and drug rehabs amid the COVID-19 outbreak on Sun. Several prisons in Zhejiang, Shandong and Hubei provinces had suffer from epidemic outbreaks.

11:08 am Feb 23

COVID-19 updates: 21 regions outside Hubei reported zero new cases as of Sunday while all provinces and municipalities outside Hubei have 18 new infections in total, official data showed.

11:06 am Feb 23

The amount of recovered cases exceeded 1,000 for 11 consecutive days nationally since February 12, Also recoveries surpassed 2,000 for three days in a row: official data 

10:53 am Feb 23

Apple supplier Foxconn's factory in Zhengzhou said it would award 7000 yuan to back-to-work staff and give bonuses in stages to workers who clock in for up to 55 days. Foxconn rolled out incentives to encourage workers to return to their posts amid the COVID19: media reports

10:50 am Feb 23

Wu Lei, former deputy Party chief of Shandong Provincial Justice Department, is now appointed head of the provincial prison management bureau, after the former head was sacked following clusters of infection occurring in local prisons with over 200 confirmed cases.

10:38 am Feb 23

The onslaught of coronavirus has inflicted trillions of yuan in losses on the Chinese economy. China needs to spend 200b yuan ($28.47b) to 300b yuan to improve its public health system: Huang Qifan, influential economic policymaker & former Chongqing mayor

10:00 am Feb 23

648 new coronavirus infections, 97 new deaths were reported on Feb 22 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 76,936, with 2,442 deaths.

7:20 am Feb 23

Hubei Province reported 630 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Feb 22, with 96 new deaths and 1,742 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 64,084 with 15,299 recovered and 2,346 dead.

7:25 pm Feb 22

After COVID19 patients are discharged from hospitals, they will undergo another 14-day mandatory quarantine at a designated location under medical observation, said Wuhan authority on Saturday.

7:24 pm Feb 22

China asks all its companies to stop using biometric identification systems amid the coronavirus outbreak. The systems use fingerprints to verify who is clocking in and clocking out of work, and may increase the risk of virus transmission. COVID19

6:40 pm Feb 22

East China's Zhejiang Province achieved a breakthrough in the novel coronavirus vaccine on Sat. Antibodies have been tested in the first batch of lab rats: Zhejiang Science and Technology Department

6:39 pm Feb 22

A new study by Chinese researchers indicates that the novelcoronavirus may start human-to-human transmissions in late November from places other than Huanan seafood market.

6:13 pm Feb 22

Iran has reported one more death as a result of coronavirus infection ( COVID19 ), bringing the country's total number of deaths to five and infections to 28.

5:56 pm Feb 22

Dangdang, a Chinese e-commerce company selling books, was summoned by Beijing authorities after an employee was confirmed with coronavirus infection on Thursday, following work resumption. 66 related people are now under quarantine.

5:49 pm Feb 22

Italy has reported its second death as a result of complications from new coronavirus, Italian news agency ANSA said on Saturday. The new wave of cases in Italy's northern regions has triggered closures of shops, offices and community centers.

5:35 pm Feb 22

Samsung Electronics says it has shut its mobile device factory in Gumi, SouthKorea, as one coronavirus case was confirmed in its facility: Reuters

4:49 pm Feb 22

5 inter-provincial transit stations have been built around Wuhan. Goods transported from other places can be delivered, avoiding direct contact with Wuhan personnel so that freight drivers do not need to be quarantined, said Cao Guangjing, vice governor of Hubei. COVID19

4:49 pm Feb 22

No foreign nationals or residents from Hong Kong or Macau in Shanghai are infected with coronavirus. The city has set up meetings with foreign consulates and issued 450 notices in five foreign languages to inform foreigners about COVID19: Shanghai govt.

4:40 pm Feb 22

Stocks of daily necessities are sufficient and the supply chain is smooth. A non-contact mechanism is promoted across communities and coverage of those who cannot make online purchases (elderly, physically impaired groups) is underlined in grassroots work in Hubei amid COVID19.

4:26 pm Feb 22

Medical supplies including N95 masks and protective suits in Hubei are still deficient due to increasing numbers of patients and medical personnel. Some 38,000 medics have arrived in Hubei to join the battle against COVID19.

04:22 pm Feb 22

Breaking: SouthKorea reports 87 more cases of the novel coronavirus. The country's total has soared to 433.

4:10 pm Feb 22

5 billion yuan ($711million) worth of medical supplies have been imported to China, via e-commerce platforms, including 1.37 billion masks and 15.53 million protective suits: Ministry of Commerce

3:50 pm Feb 22

The shocking 27-day incubation case reported Friday happened in Shennongjia, a county in Hubei that was the first place in the province to report zero infections amid the COVID19 outbreak.

3:47 pm Feb 22

7 cruise ships, instead of the five previously reported by GT, were expropriated by Wuhan. In the coming days, 6 more cruise ships will arrive in Wuhan to provide rooms for medical staff who have traveled to support the city as it fights the epidemic. COVID19

3:40 pm Feb 22

Over 66% of China's delivery services has resumed operations. China Post, SF Express and JD Logistics have achieved 100% work resumption amid the COVID19: Ministry of Transportation.

3:07 pm Feb 22

The work resumption rate of IC, biomedicine and other pillar industries in Shanghai now exceeds 80%. Over 90% of key service industries resumed work: official.

3:04 pm Feb 22

Almost 4,500 medical staff, from 14 provinces and municipalities, have been dispatched to cities in Hubei since Thursday to reinforce the treatment of COVID19 patients.

3:01 pm Feb 22

More foreign-invested companies in Shanghai have resumed operations amid the #coronavirus outbreak: 90% from service industries 70% from manufacturing industries 90% of fortune 500 companies 93% of multinational corporate headquarters 87% of foreign-invested R&D centers

2:49 pm Feb 22

China's economic growth could slow to 5.3%-5.9% in 2020 due to the COVID19 epidemic, predicted former Chinese central bank adviser, Li Daokui. He is currently a faculty at the Tsinghua University. Li has downgraded the forecast from a previous 6.1%.

2:45 pm Feb 22

34 frontline workers at Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan were quickly admitted to the CPC after a review of their performances. They swore an oath to the Party flag on Fri, saying they were "ready to sacrifice for the people" in the fight against COVID19.

2:33 pm Feb 22

The World TableTennis Championships set to take place in Busan next month have been thrown into doubt since two more confirmed coronavirus cases were reported in the city. A decision on whether the tournament can go ahead will be made after a Saturday meeting. COVID19

2:25 pm Feb 22

SouthKorea is set to discharge one more fully recovered coronavirus patient from hospital, Yonhap News reports. So far, the country has discharged 17 fully recovered novel coronavirus patients from hospitals.

2:01 pm Feb 22

After a shocking 27-day incubation period, a 70-year-old man in Hubei began to develop a fever and tested positive for COVID19 on Feb 21. The generally accepted maximum incubation period is 14 days.

1:51 pm Feb 22

Venezuela stands in solidarity with the Chinese people, and the fight against coronavirus is in favor of humanity, Venezuelan Minister for Culture, Ernesto Villegas said Thursday in Caracas, Xinhua reports COVID19

1:29 pm Feb 22

48,000 subsidiary companies of Chinese central SOEs, accounting for 86.4% of total, have resumed production amid the COVID19 epidemic. 20,000 are outward operation companies, accounting for 88.4% of that category: SASAC

12:31 pm Feb 22

Top epidemiologist ZhongNanshan's team detected traces of novel coronavirus in a patient's urine, shedding light on the transmission and prevention of the epidemic. COVID19

12:02 pm Feb 22

20 provinces and regions across China, reported zero confirmed new cases of COVID19 on Feb 21, with Tibet topping the list of consecutive zero case days. The autonomous region hasn't reported any confirmed or suspected new case for the 23rd consecutive day.

12:00 pm Feb 22

China does not currently have the basis for long-term inflation or deflation, although the COVID19 outbreak and other factors may disrupt commodity prices at a later stage: Liu Guoqiang, deputy governor of China's central bank.
11:10 am Feb 22

Death toll from novel coronavirus rises to 4 in Iran

11:00 am Feb 22

The number of confirmed COVID19 cases in prisons across #Hubei has risen to 272 as of Saturday.

10:21 am Feb 22

South Korea reports 142 more cases of novel coronavirus on Saturday, taking the total number of cases to 346, with 2 deaths, according to Yonhap News.

10:20 am Feb 22

Coronavirus cases in the US rose to at least 34 on Friday, including 21 cases among repatriated individuals, as well as 13 US cases.

9:57 am Feb 22

Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers have postponed volunteer training due to the coronavirus outbreak but reiterated that there are no plans to cancel the Games

9:45 am Feb 22

As of Saturday, more than 20,000 COVID-19 patients in China have been discharged from hospitals after recovery. February 21 is the 10th consecutive day that saw the discharge of over thousand patients, with 2393 cases.

9:11 am Feb 22

3 new confirmed COVID-19 cases are reported in Beijing as of Saturday, making the total infection number in the capital 399.

8:40 am Feb 22

397 new coronavirus infections, 109 new deaths were reported on Feb 21 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 76,288, with 2,345 deaths.

Hubei Province reported 366 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Feb 21, with 106 new deaths and 1,767 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 63,454, with 13,557 recovered and 2,250 dead.

11:50 pm Feb 21

The WHO-led team of international experts in China will travel to coronavirus epicenter city of Wuhan on Saturday and investigate the outbreak, WHO announced on Friday.

8:50 pm Feb 21

Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak, plans to build another 19 makeshift hospitals to receive more infected patients, local authorities said Friday.

7:36 pm Feb 21

Israel confirms first case of coronavirus, after one of the passengers on virus-hit cruise ship Diamond Princess returned to the country on Thursday:Jerusalem Post

5:52 pm Feb 21

A coronavirus patient from Chengdu who had been cured and discharged from hospital, was found nucleic-acid positive on the 10th day after returning home, the health commission in Sichuan Province said Fri.

1:53 pm Feb 21

Director of Wuhan Women's Prison was removed from position for failing to fulfill the duties amid the outbreak of COVID-19 after 230 infection cases were found in the prison: Hubei Daily

12:58 pm Feb 21

COVID-19 epicenter Hubei Province corrected its Thursday new infection data from 411 to 631, adding new infections in prisons which was 220 as reported by Thursday, local health commission said on Friday noon.

12:54 pm Feb 21

The US military in South Korea has raised its danger level and urgently blocked all bases and facilities in Daegu due to the COVID-19 spread. A large-scale cluster of infections was found in Daegu, with 78 confirmed cases reported in a local church: media reports

12:40 pm Feb 21

All 18 confirmed #COVID19 cases in #Qinghai Province have been discharged from hospital as of Friday morning.

11:36 am Feb 21

As of Thursday, there were more than 100 recovered patients who donated blood plasma for #COVID19, helping treating 240 patients in critical and severe conditions: vice minister of science and technology

11:23 am Feb 21

China is following five technological development routes for vaccines for COVID19, and some parts of the process have entered the phase of animal tests.

10:48 am Feb 21

The #Japanese city of Yokohama announced on Thursday evening that a new case of #COVID19 had been confirmed in the city, bringing its total confirmed cases to 2: media reports

10:45 am Feb 21

Outside #Hubei, numbers of new infections rebounded after 16-day consecutive drop. On Thursday, Shandong reported 202 new cases including 200 in Rencheng prison. Zhejiang reported 28 with 27 from Shilifeng prison. New cases in these two provinces accounted for 89% of the total.

10:29 am Feb 21

A COVID-19 vaccine is expected to enter clinical trials as soon as late April: Ministry of Science and Technology

10:11 am Feb 21

Epicenter Wuhan sees daily new recoveries surpass new infections. Xianning and Shennongjia in Central China’s Hubei have zero new infections, and more places reported new infection numbers below 10, Friday’s newly unveiled data showed.

10:05 am Feb 21

Two officials were removed from their posts in a Zhejiang prison that has reported 27 confirmed COVID-19 cases. 28 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in East China’s Zhejiang Province on Thursday, including 27 in Shilifeng Prison, bringing the province’s total cases to 1,203. The total confirmed #COVID19 cases in Shilifeng Prison have reached 34.

10:00 am Feb 21

Xie Weijun, Shandong Provincial Justice Department Party chief, was removed from his position for failing to fulfill his duties in COVID-19 prevention and control work in a local prison in Rencheng.

9:47 am Feb 21

South Korea reported 52 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, a sharp daily increase, bringing its total infections to 156 after the country reportedly confirmed a ‘super-spreader’ incident that sent over 1000 into quarantine: reports

9:40 am Feb 21

South Korean authorities confirmed they have identified a novel coronavirus super-spreader, who caused at least 39 to become infected and 1,001 to be quarantined at home.

9:17 am Feb 21

889 new coronavirus infections, 118 new deaths were reported on Feb 20 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 75,465, with 2,236 deaths.

7:14 am Feb 21

Hubei Province reported 411 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Feb 20, with 115 new deaths and 1,451 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 62,442, with 11,788 recovered and 2,144 dead.

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